Travel by bus and train

Useful information about buses, with corresponding trains and express boats in the region.

Travel by bus and train

General bus information

Local and regional buses within the city are operated by Nobina. Long distance buses for Narvik and Alta are operated by Torghatten

For route information in Troms see For buses in Finnmark see , and for Nordland see

Tickets can be bought on the bus. 50 % discount for child/senior.

Transport of bikes and dogs: NOK 60 extra for bikes, dogs are not permitted (working dogs permitted).

Most public transport does not operate on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter. Service is limited on Boxing Day and other public holidays during Ester, Ascension Day and Pentecost. There is generally reduced service for buses during the weekends. Few city buses are running on Sunday morning.

Information for travelling South

There are direct bus connections from Tromsø to Narvik. From Narvik, there are bus connections to Lofoten, or Fauske where there are train connections to Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen. There are also train connections from Narvik to Kiruna, which continues to other destinations in Sweden and Finland.


3 departures (4h, NOK 375)on Mondays to Fridays (6:10am, 10am and 4pm from Tromsø, 5:20am,12:50pm and 3:20pm from Narvik), 2 departures from Tromsø (10am and 4pm), 1 departure from Narvik at 3:20pm on Saturdays, and 3 departures on Sundays(10am, 4pm and  7:15pm from Tromsø, 12:50pm, 3:20pm and 6:40 from Narvik).

Bus Tromsø-Fauske-Bodø
1 daily departure from Tromsø at 10am (apx.13h, NOK 500), changing at Narvik and arriving at Bodø 10:30pm. At Fauske,the bus corresponds with the night train to/from Trondheim (apx.9h), Oslo (apx.17h) and Bergen (apx.25h). For more information about trains, see


Bus Tromsø - Lofoten (Svolvær)

1-2 daily departures connecting at Bjerkvik (apx.7.5h).

Express boat/bus Tromsø-Lofoten (Svolvær) via Harstad

1 connection daily except Sundays.

For travelling North

Bus Tromsø-Alta

1 daily departure at 4pm from Tromsø to Alta, return from Alta daily departure at 10:55am on Mondays to Saturdays and 2:10 pm on Sundays (6.5h, NOK 560 inc. Lyngen ferries).


Bus Tromsø-Honningsvåg-Nordkapp

No direct bus connection from Tromsø. 1 daily bus at 4pm to Alta, stay overnight in Alta, and continue to Honningsvåg (1-2 departures daily, 4h).



3 departures daily during the summer and 1 departure during the winter (45min).


To Finland

Bus Tromsø – Kilpisjärvi (apx.3.5h) – Rovaniemi (apx.10h) - Oulu (apx.14h)

1 daily departure from June to September at 7:30am. At other times of the year, no bus service is available in direction towards Kilpisjärvi. Alternative is travelling by bus to Narvik and train to Haparanda, then bus to Rovaniemi, Kemi and Oulu.  


Bus Karasjok-Rovaniemi (8h)

1 daily bus departure year-round. More information for buses to Finland, see


To Sweden

Trains to Sweden: Narvik-Kiruna 

2 departures daily (3h). Further connections to Boden, Luleå, Haparanda (Finnish border) and Stockholm. For more Information for trains to/in Sweden, see

Bus to Sweden : Narvik - Kiruna
Route 91 from Narvik to Björliden, Abisko and Kiruna. More information on prices and timetables :



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