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Northern Lights Experiences
While in Tromsø
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Scenic Whale Watching by RiB – Tromsø Friluftsenter (Nov 8 – Jan 10)

Travel by rigid inflatable boat (RiB) for a close-up encounter with whale species such as hump- back whale, killer whale, pilot whales and harbour porpoise.

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Sailing with Whales – Boreal Yachting (Oct 15 – Jan 15)

During the winter season we are visited by various whales feeding themselves on herring and other fishes.

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Embrace the Aurora - Tromsø Museum

A must do activity for all Northern Lights enthusiasts.

Aurorabadge (c) KjetilSkogli

The Aurora Chaser, Kjetil Skogli

Chase for the Northern Lights with the professional guide Kjetil Skogli from BBC1’s “Joanna Lumley; In The Land of the Northern Lights”.

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Exciting Fjord Tour - Tromsø Individuell

Exciting fjord  tour in the morning  by privat car and with a trained guide – Tromsø Individual

Bonfire(c)Arctic Experience

The Complete Aurora Experience - Arctic Experience

We go further, to bring you closer! Your local guide and professional photographer, born and raised in Arctic Norway, will take you on a chase for one of nature's most spectacular views; The Northern Lights.

Aurora (c) Aurora Tour

Your Northern Lights Guide in Tromsø - The Aurora Tour (from Oct 1)

May the Aurora be with You! Join our 5-7 hour northern lights chase. We take you out of Tromsø to find the perfect aurora conditions.

Northern Light (c)

The relentless Aurora chase - AuroraPhotoGuide

AuroraPhotoGuide Geir Ytterstad takes you hunting Aurora every night!

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