Boat trips

Boat trips

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Whale watching with Arctic Fishing Adventures

From November to January humpback whales and killer whales visit the fjords around Tromsø to feed on herring.


Northern Lights around the Tromsø Island - Arctic Sea Cruise

Cruise around the island of Tromsø in the evening in safe and calm waters with beautiful views of the city, mountains, fjords and the Northern Lights.


Northern Lights Hunting from modern yachts - Boreal Yachting

Northern light is not something you just switch on. To get to see it depends on many factors like the solar activity, conditions in the atmosphere and you need to have clear skies and as little light disturbance as possible.


Afternoon cruise in a modern yacht- Boreal Yatching

Be fascinated by the exceptional dark hour light and colours at 69°N.


Midnight Cruise under the Northern Lights - Sørøya Havfiskecruise

Northern Lights and Midnight cruise onboard comfortable, cosy and personal "MB Havcruise", which is owned by Sørøya Havfiskecruise.


Tromsø Day Cruise

See Tromsø and its surrounding landscape during the beautiful, blue winter light hours. 


Northern Lights Dinner Cruise - Sørøya havfiskecruise

This is a civilized and comfortable way, onboard the catamaran MB Havcruise, to go hunting for Aurora Borealis


Charter boat fishing 8 hours

The area outside Kvaløya has long been associated with sea fishing and is well-known for the halibut- and cod fishing.


Charter boat fishing 5 hours

The area outside Kvaløya has long been associated with sea fishing and is well-known for the halibut- and cod fishing.

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Sea Safari by RiB

By high-speed rigid inflatable boat to interesting cultural and natural historical sites, while watching out for musk oxen.  

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Lauklines Kystferie - Fishing

A high standard cabin resort which also offers activities and great nature adventure. Lauklines have fully equipped boats for hire if you wish to go fishing on your own.

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Sea Eagle Safari On The Open Sea

Transport by bus from Tromsø to the island of Ringvassøy. Then we will sail towards Fugleøya (Bird Island), a protected habitat.

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Sightseeing around Tromsø by RIB

Learn a lot about Tromsø in a short and speedy way by rigid inflatable boat around the island of Tromsø.

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Experience the Midnight Sun in Nordreisa with Boreal Opplevelser

Spend a summer’s night at Boreal Adventure Centre. The light here on a mid summer’s night is a photographer’s dream! In the evening when the wind dies down and the animal kingdom becomes more active, you can experience close-up contact with wildlife, including reindeer.

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Midnight Sun RiB-boat Tour

A midnight sun tour of Tromsø by rigid inflatable boat.

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