Northern Lights Hunt

Northern Lights Hunt

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Northern Lights from Tromsø - Northern Lights Tromsø

It is magical, simply magical. You think you must be dreaming, especially when you catch an outbreak from the start. It just comes from nowhere… and keeps moving and changing shape! It can be yours for 770 NOK.


Hunting Northern Lights in Northern Troms - Reisafjord Hotel

Do you want to fulfill your dreams of seeing the Northern light with a personal touch? Then leave the crowd behind and join our guide on this adventure of hunting the Northern light in Northern parts of Troms.


Personal Northern Lights Safari - Scan Adventure

Would you like to experience the Northern Lights alone, or only with your family and friends?


The Dancing Lights - Sætre's Wild Delights

Experience the Northern Lights with guide Roy Sætre, a konwledable Northern Lights guide and photographer, who teaches you how to take good pictures of the Northern Lights as well as time lapse and panorama photos.


Northern Lights around the Tromsø Island - Arctic Sea Cruise

Cruise around the island of Tromsø in the evening in safe and calm waters with beautiful views of the city, mountains, fjords and the Northern Lights.


Active Aurora Quest with Active Tromsø

Imagine a night of Active Aurora Quest, where the only thing given beforehand is the starting point. We don´t know where the quest will take us, or how long we have to endure. But we know that hard effort and persistance is often rewarded. Our reward will be the magical Aurora Borealis.


VIP Northern Lights Chase - Arctic Guide Service

Due to a strong demand for this type of excursions, we have successfully implemented a private Northern Lights Chase which departs at the convenience of the customer and focuses on giving superb services to a VIP group/customer.


Northern Lights Hunting from modern yachts - Boreal Yachting

Northern light is not something you just switch on. To get to see it depends on many factors like the solar activity, conditions in the atmosphere and you need to have clear skies and as little light disturbance as possible.


Aurora Top Comfort - NorthernShots Tours

Leave behind the main touristic stream and join us on a cozy and personalized top standard experience.


Aurora Safari Base Stations - Tromsø Safari

Join Tromsø Safari for a Northern Lights chase! Tromsø Safari has created a new and unique concept for you to get to see the Northern Lights.


Northern Lights Safari - Scan Adventure

A Northern Lights Safari is an unforgettable experience for almost every age. It is important to reach those areas where we have a clear and dark sky. Here we have the highest chance to see the magnificent Northern lights


Midnight Cruise under the Northern Lights - Sørøya Havfiskecruise

Northern Lights and Midnight cruise onboard comfortable, cosy and personal "MB Havcruise", which is owned by Sørøya Havfiskecruise.


Northern Lights Dinner Cruise - Sørøya havfiskecruise

This is a civilized and comfortable way, onboard the catamaran MB Havcruise, to go hunting for Aurora Borealis


The Northern Lights Bus - Natur i Nord

Join us for The Northern Lights! We are two experienced drivers/guides, Ivar and Roger, who during the past four seasons have driven a total of 593 trips and have seen the Northern Lights on 459 of these (77,4%).  

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The Aurora Chaser, Kjetil Skogli

Chase for the Northern Lights with the professional guide Kjetil Skogli from BBC1’s “Joanna Lumley; In The Land of the Northern Lights”.

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