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3-hour RiB-boat excursion to Beautiful Hella

Green Gold of Norway

This tour is conducted by Green Gold of Norway. Can you imagine being at the Market Place in the centre of Tromso, and after only 30 minutes suddenly realising that you are far away from the city surrounded only by nature and fjords?
In our approach to beautiful Hella, we will navigate along the Ry tidal current. This current attracts fish, and fish attract birds, so we will see and hear lots of nature around us while docking.

We will then walk five minutes to a small boathouse where we will serve coffee and cake while enjoying beautiful views of fjords, mountains and birds. From here, you will observe the strength of the current we just navigated.

Finally, we will start our short hike back to the RIB boat and our exciting navigation back to Tromso.

Included: Guide, transport, warm clothes and shoes, coffee and muffins, pictures from the tour
Duration: 3 hours
Number of participants: 1-12
Level: Medium
Departure time and place: 11am (11:00), 3pm (15:00) and 7pm (19:00) at Radisson Blu Hotel

Phone: +47928 09 057