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4 Days – VIP Sailing From Tromsø to Hammerfest

Arctic Cruise in Norway

You will explore fantastic fjords, islands and several fishermen villages amongst them, places you can only reach by boat..
Be our customer on our way and visit Beautiful Jøkelfjord - where a glacier goes down to the sea. We will also visit the small fishing village of Hønseby, located near the Seiland National park.The trip ends in Hammerfest, the northern most city in the world. Full pension included (Breakfast, Dinner and Supper). Wine and beer in addtion if wanted.

Included: Boat trip Tromsø - Hammerfest, guide, all meals, overnight in the boat.
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Number of participants: 4-8
Level of difficulty: Easy
Address: Brinkvegen 41, 9012 Tromsø