Family playing at the Science centre in Tromsø
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The Tromsø expert

Who is the smartest kid in the city?

You don't have to travel far to explore exciting things; Tromsø hosts a chamber of new experiences for young and old!
During the summer of 2020 we want to encourage children with their families to learn more about our Sami and polar history, challenge your knownledge to science, experience the coastal environment and animals, as well as enjoying the fresh air outside in Tromsø!  

We're launching the activity pass "Tromsø expert" where you can test yourself by visiting several attractions in the city, participate in quizzes and fill your Tromsø Expert-pass with stamps from all the attractions you are visiting. If you do all this you will have the chance to be crowned Tromsøs expert! 

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The Science Centre of Northern Norway

Create memories together - explore, stay curious and create!
The Science Centre of Northern Norway offers exciting, fun and educational activities for you to do together as a family. Hunt for answers in our big and bright building on top of Tromsø island! Our interactive installations engage both young and old, and we guarantee that you will learn something you didn't know. Come find out if we're right!

The Polar Museum

Can you cope with the Arctic winter conditions? Grab a quiz from our reception and go look for answers througout our exhibition about winter trapping in Svalbard. 

Norwegian Arctic University Museum

How would life be if your family were constantly on the move? What kind of clothes would you need, where would you store your things and where would you hunt for food? Solve our questions and learn more about how the indigenous Sami moved along with their reindeer herd year-round. 

Tromsø Villmarkssenter

This is a family-driven husky farm established 30 years ago by Tove Sørensen. She has lots of experience within the business, and have completed Finnmarksløpet 20 times, as well as having participated in the worlds longest sled dog race, Iditarod. Tove and her familiy lives close to their 300 beloved huskies and this, as well as spending time in nature, is their focus in everyday life. 

If you visit us in our Husky Café you will have the opportunity to get to know more about the life of this family, learn about dogsledding, farming and training. And don't forget! You can cuddle the dogs as much as you want, enjoy an afternoon coffee or homemade cake. Welcome!


Polaria is an adventure for the whole family. If you're curious about animals, people, fish and plants life tie together, Polaria is the perfect place to learn all of this. Meet seals, catfish and tiny sharks up close!

The Cable Car

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