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All Day Fjord Tour to Sommarøy

Tromsø Individuell

This tour is conducted by Tromsø Individuell. Don't miss our stunning fjord sceneries at any season! Above the Arctic circle we have during summer beautiful intense sunlight all day round.
Our winter season offers, when there is clear weather, a blue-rose variety of light, coming from a sun under the horizon or very closed to it.
Discover by car our dramatic fjord scenery on a roundtrip to the island of Sommarøy, located in the Norwegian Sea. At our first stop at beautiful Kaldfjord, you will already feel the majesty of nature. Then we'lll take some time for a side trip to Ersfjord with its steep mountain chains. Through a rough valley we will follow the way to Kattfjord and the Norwegian Sea. A walk on the land of a fishermam family will offer you a unique view of snowy beaches, steep mountains and islands surrounded by green-blue water. At Sommarøy we will rest at the Arctic Hotel and warm-up with coffee, tea and a dish like creamed fish soup and home-made bread (veg.alt.). After enjoying the sights of this island we continue our way back to Tromsø along the sound. Here we often see reindeer and sometimes moose. We will drive by some historic sites and old farm houses. From Nov – Jan, we often see whales like Humpback and Orca in our fjords, close to the shore line. At Toves`s cosy Glas Gallery we taste freshly baked waffles, coffee and tea. Every tour is unique and personal, depending on the nature, the weather and you.
NB: From Nov-Dec opening days at Tove's Glas Gallery are limited.

Included: Guide, transport, hot drinks, lunch, waffles
Duration: Summer: 8 hours / Winter: 7 hours
Number of participants: 2-8
Level of difficulty: Easy
Phone: +47981 29 461