Family playing boccia at Tromsø camping
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Family sitting on a bench on the top of Mount Storsteinen watching Tromsø city
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Family playing at the Science Centre in Tromsø
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Mom and kids playing on the beach in Telegrafbukta
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Kids by bonfire at Tromsø Museum
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Family in Målselv Fjellandsby
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Summer with your family

Have you ever met a child who could lie still on a beach for an entire holiday? Us neither! But don’t worry! In Tromsø you will find perfect summer holiday activities for active, curious and adventurous children of all ages!

Text: Maria Rossi
Lower your shoulders, the kids will love it

Everyone who has ever traveled with children feels a certain pressure. The inevitable question of whether this is going to go well is emerging. Will the kids be bored? What if the weather is bad? Do they like the food? Is the trip too tiring? Will they fall asleep under the midnight sun? We’ve gathered some of Visit Tromsø’s great partners and they have tailored perfect summer activities for families with children. Now, leave your worries and everyday stress at home and spend quality time together during the holidays.

Regardless of age, children are curious creatures, and at the Science Centre they will find plenty of things to wonder about and get answers to. The centre is set up in an educational way, and here the whole family will find activities that encourage learning through play, physical activity, trial and error. And while you're there, don't forget to watch the fantastic northern lights film. It is the closest you get to the magic Lady Aurora in summer - and perhaps it will inspire a return visit to Tromsø in the winter time ...

Children and dogs = perfect match

If your children like dogs, you can join a summer activity that is almost too cute to be true: puppy training. Yes, you read correctly! You can join a training session with those little bundles of fur. This experience is guaranteed to be remembered by everyone when you return back home. 

What should the children eat during the holidays?

Everyone appreciates a hearty meal, and a family holiday is no exception. In Tromsø you will find many culinary options suitable for the whole family. How about a farm visit where you can choose between Northern Norwegian home-cooked delicacies, followed by a visit to the farm animals? Or one of the many child-friendly restaurants in the city centre that are ready to cater for you? You might be surprised to find that the children are happy to try something other than pasta or pizza. Northern Norwegian specialties such as bacalao or reindeer burgers are often very popular among the little ones!

Perfect activities for curious children

At Polaria, an Arctic adventure centre for the whole family, you can meet animals living below sea level. Here you can explore and learn more about why life in the sea and life on land are so interdependent. The aquarium contains Arctic sea plants, fish and animals. There are water tanks on the floor, walls and ceilings, and glass tunnels you can walk through while seals swimming above. It’s impossible to get any closer - without jumping into the ocean!

This sounds great, you might think, but I would have loved just a tiny beach to relax on a sunny day. No worries! There are many beautiful, white beaches in the Tromsø region. In walking distance from the city centre you will find the Telegrafbukta, a small bay with bbq fasilities ready for you to use. Just bring your own food to put on the grill and maybe try dipping your toes in the Arctic water. On a sunny day this place is buzzling with locals soaking up all the sun they can get. If you have access to a car, the white sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise water on Kvaløya and Sommarøy are truly worth exploring. The temperature does not reach as high on the scale as in southern latitudes, but for children who want to explore the shoreline, play in the sand and challenge their parents to a refreshing bath, it is a perfect - and totally free - activity during their Arctic summer vacation!