Family playing by river at Tromsø Camping
©Vegard Stien

Huskycafé and family-fun in Northern Norway

You know the taste of marshmallows on the bonfire by the ocean during summer? After a long day hiking along mountain paths, or exploring Arctic wildlife by boat around the Tromsø island, this feels even better. If it's too cold outside you can visit the seals in Polaria or play at the Science Centre on top of the island. 


There's always something to do for you and your family in Tromsø. Feed the ducks along Prestvannet, and end the walk with lunch and games on Charlottenlund. Kvaløya, just a short drive from Tromsø island, has great hiking opportunities, you can visit Tromsø Villmarkssenter's huskycafé, or visit the farm animals on Yggdrasiltunet. If you're looking for other special nature experiences fishing is always fun (even if you don't catch any), go kayaking, or walk the Sherpa steps up to Mount Storsteinen with views of the Tromsø island. No matter how you choose to spend your summer in Tromsø, we can guarantee a lifetime of memories for you and your family. Remember to grab the "Tromsø expert" pass with you when visiting certain attractions in the city. Read more here.


You will get memorable adventures in the Tromsø region as well. Only a 1-2 hour drive outside of Tromsø you will reach Lyngen. Go on riverboat tours to Mollifossen (waterfall) and enjoy your lunch in the middle of Reisa national park. There are several family-friendly places to stay in Lyngen if you want to spend a few days there. Hike Arnøya cultural trail or visit Kvennes Recreational area and play in the nature park. Learn more about Lyngen here. 


In Senja and Dyrøy, just a boat or a car ride away from Tromsø, you will find scenic hiking trails, crystal clear water for swimming, as well as exciting beaches and bays with good fishing opportunities. Bring you lunch outside and go explore the beaches, go kayaking or feed the wild sheep on Tranøya. Learn more about Senja here. 


If you drive 3,5 hours south off Tromsø you will reach Narvik. We highly recommend a stop in Polar Park along the way. In January 3 new bear cubs were born, and you can visit these, as well as wolfs, other bears, muskox and more. When you reach Narvik you have nature experiences around the city like climbing parks, cycle trails, and family-friendly hikes along Rallarveien and Ofotbanen. Learn more about Narvik here.