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View from Aurora Spirit
Destillery instrument
Guide guiding in front of destillery instrument
Guide guiding in front of destillery instrument
A man and a barrel
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Aurora Spirit Distillery

The world’s northernmost Whisky distillery can be found at the mouth of the Lyngen Fjord in the middle of Northern Lights country.
Aurora Spirit’s price winning visitor centre serves Northern Lights tourists Whisky, Aquavit and gin with water from a glacier as part of a complete Arctic experience. At the visitor centre you can gain insight into the production process and learn about the Arctic environment. If tourists are lucky, they can experience the Northern Lights at the same time as they are enjoying their drink. And the whisky? That is in barrels in an old, bombproof NATO bunker nearby.

The visitor centre is open year round. Facilitated for people in wheelchairs (not electrical ones). The guided tour is suitable for children. We have a child rate for purchase at the front desk. Children can also get a soft drink and wait in the Lounge, We’ll take care of entertaining them.

AuroraSpirit Distillery is located near the Lyngen fjord, under the majestic Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway. The distillery is located at 69˚ N. For directions and map, please check:

Opening Hours
Aurora Spirit Distillery is open for visitors between 11:00AM - 03:00PM (11:00 - 15:00). Monday to Friday.
Guided tours run daily at 12:00PM (12:00) and 02:00PM (14:00)

You may book guided tours at the distillery here
Address: Årøybuktneset, 9060 Lyngseidet
Phone: +47919 04 260