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Aurora in Wonderland - a northern lights chase by minibuss

The Green Adventure

This tour is conducted by The Green Adventure. Join our daily northern lights chase in a group of up to 14 adventurers.
We have a true passion for nature and love to watch the magical Aurora. We will do our best to find Her for you and we are not scared of the clouds, cause we know that they may have a green lining too...

You will be guided by an experienced aurora chaser who will analyse the weather forecast and communicate with other expeditions to find clear sky. The guide will provide local knowledge and answer your questions about the lights, and help you with camera settings. The guide will also take professional pictures for you.

Whenever it is possible, we stop at picturesque places to let you experience the Arctic Wonderland. When we find the right conditions we make a campfire, grill sausages, and share stories and hot chocolate. We drive you back to your accommodation on Tromsø Island (+ Tromsø Camping) after the tour.

In case of few bookings you may be transferred (for free) to our "Fellowship of Light" tour which drives out in a 9 seater van.

Included: Guide, transport, snowsuit, sausages, hot drinks, bonfire, reflective vest, tripod at request, pictures from the tour, drop-off at your hotel on Tromsø Island (+ Tromsø Camping)
Nr of participants: 2-14
Duration: 6-8 hours
NB: Bring your passport as we may need to drive to Finland

Departure place: in front of Scandic Ishavshotel (Fredrik Langes gate 2, 9008 Tromsø)

Departure time:

10 SEPTEMBER - 10 OCTOBER: meeting time 6.50pm (18:50) and departure time 7pm (19:00)

11 OCTOBER - 10 MARCH: meeting time 5.50pm (17:50) and departure time 6pm ( 18:00)

11 MARCH - 31 MARCH: meeting time 6.50pm (18:50) and departure time 7pm (19:00)

1 APRIL - 10 APRIL: meeting time 7.50pm (19:50) and departure time 8pm (20:00)
Phone: +4745125173