Man in traditional Norwegian clothing holding a stockfish at Full Steam
Local arctic snack nicely plated at Full Steam
Sami lavvu and a woman wearing a bunad standing outside of the lavvu
RIB boat with passengers at sea
Inside of the lavvu
An old tractor
Local arctic snack nicely plated at Full Steam
A wooden pier
A RIB boat with joyful passengers
Yellow boots in the grass

The authentic cultural history of Tromsø

Tromsø Friluftsenter

This tour is conducted by Tromsø Friluftsenter. A tour that pays homage to Tromsø`s farming and fishing history, in a rib boat you will explore and learn about the local culture.
After visiting the farm, we will go to the old fishing storage unit- The restaurant "Full Steam" and enjoy a cup of coffe.

As a local family surviving on fishing and farming thru 4 generations, we will welcome you, and give you athentic north Norwegian charm and hospitality.

In a Rib boat we will take you thru amazing scenery around the area, and tell you the history of Tromso. The wind in you hair, and the small fishing boats will give you a real insight into how the people have lived here.
We will also go by boat to the places where the battle ship Tirpitz was destroyed, Polstjerna- our old sealerwessel, the old Seaplane airport, and our whaling station. All now history, but the architecture can be seen from the boat.

When our boat has taken us back to the port, we will visit Full steam, a new resturant in Tromso located in a old traditional storage unit used by fishermen since 1902.
You will be served a warm cup of coffe, in a beautiful, old porcelain cup. Now you can sit back and dream away about of how hectic it must have been there in 1902 when the storage unit was buildt. A perfect ending to your tour, where we have taken you back in time.
We recomend you to try the lunch meny. Price from 199,- (not incluuded in the price)

Included: Transfer by RiB, guide, floatation suit, hot drinks.
Duration: Aprox 2 hours, 70 min in boat, no time limit to enjoy Full Steam
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of participants: 2- 23
Departure time and place : 11:00 am (11:00) Entrance at Scandic ishavshotel

Address: Kvaløyvågveien 667, 9103 Tromsø
Phone: +4790751583