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Buvik Sea Lodge apartments

Buvik Sea Lodge is situated right on the shoreline of Kvaløya and offers comfortable living in exclusive apartments, just an hour drive from Tromsø.
The area in and around Buvik is perfect for wilderness recreation activities such as hiking, whale whatching, dog sledding, bird watching, kayaking, fishing, chasing the Northern Lights etc.

Sommarøy is right around the corner, where you will find an archipelago of islands with beautiful white, sandy beaches and clear, turquoise water. Feel the serenity in these arctic surroundings, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life!

Our apartment consists of a bathroom with a shower and toilet, a hallway, two bedrooms (with options of either two single beds or one double bed), kitchen and living area. There is access to the terrace from the living area.
Address: Leirstrandvegen 2402, 9106 Straumsbukta
Phone: +47468 84 302