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Clothing is a very important consideration when travelling to Tromsø. This is especially so in the winter season, but also in the early summer (May-June) it can be a little wet and cold.

Tromsø has a varied climate and in the winter an average temperature of around -4 °C. However, if you are coming here to experience Arctic adventures or chase the Northern Lights, you need to expect temperatures from -25 °C to +5 °C.  

There are some good guidelines about how to dress in the winter here. Some of the essential items include:

- Woollen underwear (long johns)
- Woollen jersey
- Fleece jacket
- Wind and waterproof trousers and jacket (ski pants and jacket if waterproof will be ok)
- Woollen socks
- Gloves/mittens (mittens will keep your hands warmer) preferably wind and waterproof
- Woollen hat and scarf
- Waterproof hiking shoes/boots

It is a good idea to have several layers with the woollen layers as close to your skin as possible. With several layers, it makes it easier to regulate your temperature if it’s warm or cold. If you come from a warm country or do not wish to carry a lot of bulky clothing with you, there is an excellent company in Tromsø called Tromsø Outdoor which hires a full range of outdoor clothing.

Please visit Tromsø Outdoor for more details. 


Kick sledge in Tromsø snow storm

Winter tips

1: When you are out on a Northern Lights chase or travelling in a car and/or bus then open up your jacket. This will allow the air to get inside your jacket and heat up so when you go back outside you will have a pocket of warm air inside your jacket to keep you warmer.

2: At times it can get very slippery around the city streets so we recommend that you invest in or hire a pair of strap-on crampons. These are made of rubber, stretch over the soles of your shoes and have spikes in them. This gives you extra grip on the ice around the city. You need to take them off when you go inside. You can get these at the Tourist Information Office, Tromsø Outdoor (rent or buy) and most of the city pharmacies.

3: It is important to think about footwear. When you are out chasing the lights, you can be standing on snow and ice for some time. This means that the first thing to get cold will be your feet. You can buy hand and foot warmers that slide into your shoes and gloves. These generally hold heat for up to 10 hours and can make your Arctic adventure a lot more comfortable.

It is also an idea not to have shoes/boots that are too tight or wear two pairs of socks if there is not enough space, as this will also make your feet more susceptible to the cold.




In the early summer (May-June) it can be a little wet and cold. It is a good idea to have a fleece jacket and a light rain jacket when exploring around the city. The weather is July and August tends to be a bit better, but the same applies for these months as well. This is especially so if you intend to do any hiking. It is very important to take both warm clothing and a rain jacket with you whenever you go hiking.