Dan Quarrell - Midnight Sun Marathon

Dan Quarrell ran the Midnight Sun Marathon in 2018, covering the event for Eurosport UK. We had a chat with him and got his best tips and preparations for what is voted top 10 coolest marathons in the world.


16 June 2018 – at some crazy hour when I should have been sleeping.

Why Midnight Sun Marathon?

I’d annoyed my friends and family for years, talking about how I wanted to do this crazy race in the Arctic Circle in the middle of the night. So much so, I finally had to shut up and actually do it. A unique and very special experience.


Too long. Much too long. Marathon.

Physical condition?

Before the race? Pretty fresh. After the race? Not so much. It was my fourth marathon but definitely the toughest and most rewarding.

Best part of the route?

Running over Tromso Bridge (on the way down it!) was the most exhilarating part of the route. Absolutely stunning and surreal. Just try not to run into the people in front of you as the views can be seriously distracting!

What to look for while running?

Enjoy the atmosphere of the route and look out for the fans cheering from windows of nearby houses as well as those roadside. The scenery is spectacular, but the best aspect of the race is the community of incredibly enthusiastic local fans all along the route.

Travel essentials?

Pack light. It may be in the Arctic Circle, but the conditions are fine and it’s best to leave plenty of room for souvenirs from the trip. But the running shoes are fairly important.

What to eat before/after running?

The tried and trusted plate (or three) of pasta the evening before helps a great deal. For breakfast, you can’t go wrong with salmon on bread and a top up of pasta as a late lunch a few hours before the race. A pre-race visit to the northernmost brewery in the world, Macks Ølbryggeri, will ensure you have a celebratory beer or two lined up for after the finish line, along with your midnight re-fuel.

Why should everyone join Midnight Sun Marathon?

For the scenery, for the fans and for the very unique experience.