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District buses in Tromsø

District buses in Tromsø

District buses run within the municipality of Tromsø. District buses depart from Prostneset, the main bus station in Tromsø, which is located beside the Tromsø Tourist Information Office.

You can purchase tickets onboard the buses, but please note cash payments only.


Bus 420 Tromsø - Hella - Brensholmen - Sommarøy

This route offers a short excursion from Tromsø around the southern part of the island of Kvaløya.

Same day return to Sommarøy is possible from Monday to Friday during the summer.


Bus 425 Tromsø - Ersfjordbotn

Ersfjordbotn offers fantastic views of fjords and steep mountains.


Bus 450 Tromsø - Tønsvik - Oldervik

Take this route for clearly marked hiking trails and fantastic views of the sea and the majestic Lyngen Alps.


Click here for a timetable for buses in the Tromsø district (only available in Norwegian)