A short drive out of the city and along the coast, you will find Sommarøy. Directly translated it is called «The Summer Island», a name very appropriate, as they can offer crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches.

A small, but vibrant coastal community has grown in the ocean gap, still keeping traditions alive. In Sommarøy you can choose to relax at the beaches, or venture out on sea-safaris or RiB-tours. The people of the island are always up for fun activities, both during summer and winter.

Water activities
Kayak along the coast or go on adventurous RiB-tours either during summer in the Midnight Sun or during winter, experiencing the Northern Lights from the water. Sommarøy has diving opportunities in summer and whale- and sea safaris during winter.

During summer there’s nothing better than bringing your bathing suit and relax on the white sand beaches around the island. If the weather’s a bit more chilly, there’s opportunities of renting saunas and jacuzzies (with a view). Have a coffee or a bite to eat in the centres café or restaurant.

Hekkingen fyr
One of the oldest lighthouses in Northern Norway can be reached from Sommarøy, only a 15 min boat ride away. Enjoy the rich birdlife and exotic Northern Norwegian nature.


How to get there:

Car: 57 km, about a 1 hour drive

Directions: Drive to Kvaløya and follow road 862 all the way to Sommarøy