Midnattssol i Tromsø. Foto: Truls Tiller

10 good reasons to visit Tromsø

Welcome to the Arctic city of Tromsø. The Arctic capital is located at 69° N between majestic mountains, beautiful fjords and charming island communities – and in summer the sun never sets. You will discover untouched Arctic nature just a short distance from urban culture of the city. You can easily combine beautiful nature-based experiences during the day with culture, restaurants and the pulsating nightlife in the evening. With more than 150 summer activities to choose between, you will find something to suit every taste. Tromsø offers virtually everything!

# 1 Midnight Sun
You can experience the Midnight Sun in Tromsø from 20 May to 22 July. The long, bright summer nights make it easy to lose track of time. You may find it hard to go to bed when it’s light around the clock. Doing exciting outdoor activities in bright sunshine late at night adds a whole new dimension. What about a kayaking trip in the Midnight Sun, a mountain hike or a romantic stroll in the magical light? Just enjoy it! It’s perfectly okay to be active around the clock. You can always sleep another time.

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# 2 Arctic beach life 
There are many wonderful, white sandy beaches around Tromsø. You will find the urban beach Telegrafbukta within walking distance of the city centre. If you have a car, it’s well worth exploring the beaches on the nearby islands of Kvaløya and Sommarøy. It’s not every day the temperature creeps about 20 ˚C, but that won’t prevent you from enjoying the beaches anyway. Take a refreshing dip in the cold sea and familiarise yourself with the terms “summer wool” and “summer mittens”. Wool is gold – also in the summer. Don’t forget your sunglasses day or night!

 # 3 Food culture  
The streets of downtown Tromsø are full of restaurants and bars that combine local produce with international flavours. You will find the world’s northernmost brewery, Mack Ølbryggeri, in Tromsø. Several popular microbreweries have also sprung up in recent years, including Bryggeri 13 and Graff.

Try local delicacies from the sea, such as cod, halibut and Atlantic wolffish. Tasting the North Norwegian delicacy stockfish is mandatory. Tasty produce from the surrounding forests and mountains include reindeer, moose, kid and lamb. Strawberries ripened under the golden rays of the Midnight Sun are extra sweet and considered by many as the world’s best.

On fine days and evenings, it’s teeming with life at the outdoor seating areas at downtown restaurants. Buy fresh Lyngen shrimps and enjoy them at the beach at Telegrafbukta. If you have a chance to go fishing, for instance at Hella on Kvaløya, it’s a fantastic experience to grill your catch on an open fire near the water’s edge at night and enjoy the fresh self-caught fish in the Midnight Sun.
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# 4 Mountain and sea
Tromsø has mountains to climb for every level and you will almost certainly be rewarded with outstanding views. The closest is the “city mountain”, Fløya, which you can easily reach from downtown Tromsø. It’s a 30-minute walk or a 10-minute bus ride to the foot of the mountain. You can choose between several hiking routes of various levels or take the Cable Car to the plateau overlooking the city in one or both directions. If you have plenty of time, there are countless mountain hikes on offer within a one or two-hour drive. Choose between Kvaløya, Lyngen and Senja, to name but a few options.

If you don’t like mountains, the sea is a good alternative. Throughout the Tromsø region, the sea is seldom far away. This offers great opportunities for fishing trips, boat trips including rigid inflatable boats (RIB) and kayaking.

Mountain hikes.
Fjord excursions by car and boat.
Boat, fishing and kayaking trips.

# 5 City and culture
You will find many exciting activities to do in the city centre with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Stroll around the Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden, visit the Science Centre of Northern Norway, gain new knowledge at the city’s museums including the Polar Museum, Tromsø University Museum and Perspektivet Museum, greet the seals at Polaria or check out the Blåst glass blowing studio. It’s also enjoyable to wander round and look at the old wooden buildings along the quayside and at Skansen. 
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# 6 Nightlife and festivals 
Tromsø is renowned for its pulsating nightlife. You will find bars, pubs and cafés to suit every taste. These venues often have concerts, while in summer the Tromsø region hosts several exciting festivals. 

# 7 Shopping
You will find many nice shops in downtown Tromsø – everything from niche stores to delicatessens. You can take a break at one of the many cosy coffee bars and cafés. When it comes to shopping centres, you will find Nerstranda and Veita in the city centre, Amfi Pyramiden in Tromsdalen and Jekta Storsenter in Langnes. 

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# 8 The Tromsø region
If you have plenty of time, we recommend exploring the surrounding region. Within a two-hour radius of downtown Tromsø, you will find beautiful island paradises such as Sommarøy, Senja and Karlsøy. These are great places to experience the coastal culture and visit small fishing communities. In Målselv, you can visit the Polarbadet indoor water park and see salmon fishing at close range, while in Bardu you can have an authentic wolf kiss at Polar Park. 

Greeting around in the Tromsø region. 
Accommodation in the Tromsø region. 

# 9 Easily accessible 
Tromsø airport is centrally located just a 10-minute drive from the city centre. There are excellent flight connections, both via Oslo and on SAS direct from Stockholm.

# 10 Good accommodation options 
Tromsø has a wide range of accommodation suitable for all budgets and all needs. Choose between one of the 2,600 hotel rooms in the city centre, stay in an apartment, rent a room in a private home or spend a few days in a holiday house, cabin or fishermen’s cottage outside the city.

Getting around in Tromsø. 
Accommodation in Tromsø. 

Midnattssol i Tromsø. Foto: Truls Tiller