Koppangen, 9060 Lyngseidet  Map
Cabins | Comfortable fishermen's cottages
Koppangen Brygger

Djupvik, 9146 Olderdalen  Map
Hotels | Lyngen Lodge offers a combination between relaxation and mountain and fjord based activities to suit individuals, families and groups.
Lyngen Lodge

Magic Mountain Lodge, Stigenveien 24, 9060 Lyngen  Map
Hotels | Family-run property overlooking the Lyngenfjord and surrounded by mountains. 
Magic Mountain Lodge

Båtnes, 9068 Nord-Lenangen  Map
Hostel & Guesthouse | The House is located by the fjord with excellent north west view. We have King size Jensen beds and Bone China porcelain service.
Green Gold Villa

9046 Oteren  Map
Hotels | Fully stocked newly renovated hotel, located at E6 - the main road in Norway.
TV Restaurant
Welcome Inn Hotel Lyngskroa

Uløybukt, 9197 Uløybukt  Map
Hotels | Right in the heart of Northern Norway, at the entrance to Lyngen Fjord, you will find the Arctic Panorama Lodge, surrounded by majestic mountains reflected in the Arctic Sea. The lodge is perfect for recreation, rest and silence, while opportuni...
TV Restaurant
Arctic Panorama Lodge