Film Concert: Chaplins "City Lights"

Location: Tromsø
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The character “The Tramp” turned 100 last year and we are continuing the celebration of the fabulous film maker, actor and composer Charlie Chaplin with an evening devoted to Chaplin. The way Charlie Chaplin unified music and moving pictures was visionary. He continues to inspire and move audiences through his ability to support comedy, tell several stories at the same time and create poignant moments through the music.

In this concert, conducted by Timothy Brock, we will perform music from the Chaplin film City Lights. Chaplin wrote and directed this film released in 1931. Talkies were already on the rise in the late 1920s when Chaplin was working on this film, but he decided to continue making it as a silent film. Chaplin was passionate about orchestral music and the live music, a passion that remained strong throughout the entire Chaplin family. City Lights premiered in Los Angeles in January 1931with Albert Einstein as the guest of honour, and became an instant success. The film was rereleased in 1950 and again received rave reviews. Several reviews described the final scene as one of the greatest and most important moments in the history of film.

Screening time 81 min.

This concert is part of the subscription series Mezzo and Total at KulturHuset, Tromsø

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Price information
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