Kraggerud, Piazzolla and the seasons

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Argentinean warmth, passion and temperament meet surroundings with lower temperatures. Piazzolla’s work The Four Seasons depicts the moods of Buenos Aires.

In the Arctic region, we really experience the four seasons with their light, dark, cold and heat. In Svalbard the contrasts between the seasons are especially great, with the long Polar Night, the bright summer and the harsh winter. One who has his heart in both the cold north and the warm Argentina is author Kjartan Fløgstad. In this concert performance, he will read the new text he has written especially for the occasion.

UNDER OPP, by Kjartan Fløgstad
Midsummer with Christmas and the turn of the year. Glowing heat and muggy, general holiday and empty streets. In Buenos Aires the seasons are the opposite of ours. The sun follows its course over the northern sky. The summer in the Southern Hemisphere is the first part and starting point for Astor Piazzolla Cuatro estaciones porteña (The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires). The autumn came in April and May. July is midwinter, sour and cold. The snow fell over the wine avenues on just one rare occasion. In the warm month of November the jacaranda tree is in full bloom. Through four orchestral works, Piazzolla’s tango compositions depict the opposite seasons in Buenos Aires, the big city on the banks of the Río de la Plata, where this music originated.

Astor Piazzolla originally wrote this work for his tango quintet, comprising violin/viola, electric guitar, double bass and bandoneón. Many know the title from Vivaldi’s work with the same name. These two works have similarities as well as differences – both musically and geographically. When it’s summer in Vivaldi’s Venice, it’s winter in Piazzolla’s Buenos Aires, but if you listen carefully you may hear a hint of Vivaldi’s summery Venice in Piazzolla’s winter music.

This performance is part of the subscription series Mezzo and Total at KulturHuset, Tromsø

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