Polar Night Baroque: Die Künst der Fuge

Location: Tromsø
Category: Events, Concerts, Music

We dedicate this year’s Polar Night Baroque to the grand master of the epoch, Johan Sebastian Bach, who would have celebrated his 330th birthday this year, and his legendary and powerful work Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of Fugue).

The work believed by many to be a contrapuntal study by Bach was later titled Die Kunst der Fuge(The Art of Fugue), and is today regarded as one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of music.

Throughout history this work has become known as a textbook work in counterpoint, and Bach has been nicknamed the “father of the fugue”. The music has also been the subject of wonder and myths. Was this Bach’s final work, his musical testament? Or did he compose it as a pure exercise in counterpoint? It remains uncertain which instrument(s) Bach had in mind when he wrote the work. In this concert you will hear it performed in a way that you are unlikely to have heard before, in a version for string orchestra with Henning Kraggerud as artistic director.

This concert is part of the subscription series Piccolo and Total at KulturHuset, Tromsø

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Price information
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