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For us, the month of December is synonymous with the Pre-Christmas ballet! Along with more than 300 ballet dancers of varying ages, we offer a chance to relax during Advent with beautiful dance and music, a big dose of love and a small dose of magic.

Coppélia is an enchanting and humorous ballet, which is perfect for families with young children.

The lonely Dr. Coppelius is in search of the perfect magic formula to bring his beautiful mechanical doll Coppélia to life. The young Swanhilda is engaged to Franz, but he has his gaze fixed on the mysterious girl sitting on Dr. Coppelius’ balcony. They don’t know that she is just a doll. Misunderstandings and complications occur as they witness Dr. Coppelius testing the mechanical functions of his life-size doll. Swanhilda becomes jealous when the doll supposedly flirts with her fiancé Franz, who becomes infatuated with the beautiful doll. Powered by jealousy, curiosity and love, a magical adventure filled with complication and humour unfolds.

This performance is part of the subscription series Mezzo and Total at KulturHuset, Tromsø

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Price information
Adult: NOK 300 / Child: NOK 100 / Senior: NOK 270 / Student: NOK 100

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