Strandveien 45 og 84, 9007 Tromsø  Map
Rooms & Apartments | At Tromsø Bed & Books you are staying at home, while being away from home.
Tromsø Bed & Books

Senja Island
Mefjordvær, 9386 Senjahopen  Map
Holiday Homes | We are an all-year holiday resort located between the mountains and fjords on Senja island. Our main focus is on active tourism and nature experiences. Our guests can stay at various styles of comfortable seaside accommodation and enjoy tradit...
TV Restaurant
Mefjord Brygge

Båtnes, 9068 Nord-Lenangen  Map
Hostel & Guesthouse | The House is located by the fjord with excellent north west view. We have King size Jensen beds and Bone China porcelain service.
Green Gold Villa