Welcome to my home - Haugen Produksjoner

Address: 9008 Tromsø Date: Wednesday 18 sep 2019 - Friday 31 Dec 2021 Show map

Address: 9008 Tromsø

«Welcome to my Home», by Haugen Produksjoner invites you inside a North-Norwegian home inhabited by some of Tromsø’s many vibrant performance artists.«Welcome to my Home» is a performance and a home-visit combined, and it’s both an artistic and an everyday experience that merge together in the cosy and familiar setting of a privat home. The home visit is an original way to get a deeper understanding of life in our Arctic region.

After seeing the Aurora Borealis, mountains, fjords and other spectacular natural phenomenon from Northern Norway, you might start to wonder about the people living here? Who are they? How do they live? ‘Welcome to my home’ invites you inside a real North-Norwegian home inhabited by some of Tromsø’s active performance artists.

"Welcome to my home" is a different home visit where you will get an exclusive performance especially made for this occasion. The experience you will get will vary from home to home depending on the artists who live there. However all visits will focus on introducing you to the life in the Arctic. Those who open their home doors are dancers, actors and visual artists.. All of them will tell you what their home means to them, present you the people living there and show you their home. You will also hear several stories about living in the Arctic.

After the performance you will be served a homemade soup, coffee and cake, and the conversation opens up. It is now possible to ask all the impossible and possible questions about life in the North, culture, traditions and the city of Tromsø. An experience guaranteed to warm both body and soul. 

Three different homes are participating. You’ll be able to visit one of them in small groups. The visit takes approximately 2.5 hours.
Dialogue and exchange are central in this unique and personal experience. Welcome and do feel at home!

Included: Customized performance, hot meal, coffee, cake
Duration: 2.5 hours
Number of participants: 2-15
Level of difficulty: Easy
Departure time and place: 2pm (14:00) from Radisson Blu Hotel

Haugen Produksjoner is run by the sisters and dance artists Anne Katrine and Liv Hanne Haugen. Their work are represented both on national and international platforms.

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