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Address: 9008 tromsø Date: Thursday 3 oct 2019 - Thursday 26 Mar 2020 Show map

Address: 9008 tromsø

Embark on this journey where you will learn all about the history and coastal culture in Tromsø by using all your senses.

During the tour you get to sample local delicacies from arctic cod. Including the world’s best caviar (rogn), dried fish, "tran"(fish oil) and cod dunes, as well as the soon world-famous “Tromstoddy” which consists of strong things with tran like mixed water, this is a tribute to the cod.

We venture through the city centre of Tromsø which is known as the gateway to the Arctic. Throughout history the city has been the starting point for several hunting, research and polar expeditions. Keep your eyes and ears open while we discover the gateway to the Arctic, and the city's rich culture and historical events.

We stroll to the dock Bangsundbrygga (the Bangsund harbour) where you`ll find the last existing row of warehouses in Tromsø that lines the seafront. These buildings has served as warehouses for lumber, fish and catch from the Arctic hunting. One if these houses has now come back to its right element and inside you find the experience center Full Steam. Here they convey the Tromsø region to its ancient fishing history and until the early 1900s.

At Full Steam you will be guided through the important story of “Skrei” - cod fishing in Troms county. Here you will get the chance to see, hear, touch and taste the story. The venue is so unique that it’s hard to describe, it just has to be experienced.

Departure time and place: 11.30am (11:30) from outside of the Tourist Information at the Port of Tromsø, Prostneset, upper floor.
Duration: Approximately 2,5 hours.
Included: tour guide, guided walk through the city, visit to the experience centre Full Steam as well as a guided tour inside, tastings of arctic cod.

Minimum of 3 participants. Please note that the tour can be cancelled if minimum number of participants is not reached.
Language: English. Other languages by request.

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