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  • « Aurora Today», Northern Lights for dummies - Nordlyssenteret

« Aurora Today», Northern Lights for dummies - Nordlyssenteret

Address: Sjøgata 19-21, 9291 Tromsø Show map

Address: Sjøgata 19-21, 9291 Tromsø

Aurora for dummies - Understanding the Aurora and aurora forecasting
The Aurora is made by particles from the Sun which are transported by the solar wind and trapped by Earth's magnet field. Conditions on the Sun, in the solar wind and in our magnetosphere determine what we could expect of aurora activity.

«Aurora today» explains and describe the aurora and present an aurora forecast based on recent activity on the sun, the conditions in the solar wind and the magnetic index. You will also get an updated view on the weather forecast with a special focus on where to find clear skies.
Our region consists of several weather zones which local and mobile aurora chasers can use to enhance their chances to find clear skies.
The Aurora, updated aurora forecast and local weather forecast is presented by Torsten Aslaksen who is a former professor on aurora physics and has professional competance in weather forecasting. He is also and experience astronomer with extensive knowledge on observering the night sky and will present night time objects that are suiteable for cameras used by aurora photographers.

Duration: 60 minutes
Number of participants: 1 - 50
The lecture starts at 3pm (15:00) at Clarion Collection hotel Aurora

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    Torsten Aslaksen
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    December 03 - April 01: Monday to Friday at 3pm (15:00)
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    150 NOK
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