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  • Stand Up Paddle rental at 69 Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center

Stand Up Paddle rental at 69 Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center

Address: Sommarøyvegen 90, 9110 Sommarøy Date: Wednesday 1 jun 2016 - Friday 31 Aug 2018 Show map

Address: Sommarøyvegen 90, 9110 Sommarøy

Explore freely every nook and beach of Sommarøy archipelago in calm and turquoise waters. A great feeling of wildness is only at a few paddle strokes. You can also take the SUP to explore distant fjords or mountain lakes.

A large and protected area of water
The many reef barriers, islands and deserted islets of the archipelago of Sommarøy offer a vast and protected body of water where you will be free to paddle wherever you like.

Great landscapes
In the background, the mountains give the landscapes a greatness and majesty holding time for a while.
Many breaks are possible on the deserted beaches. This activity is ideal to relax and bring you closer to yourself for some time. From the first paddle strokes, you will feel in an adventurous and contemplative mood while blending into the immensity of Northern Norway's wilderness.

Ability to see otters, seals and birds up-close
SUP can be a really quiet activity. You may therefore witness unspoiled wildlife scenes. With a little luck you could observe one or more otters among the species of the archipelago. Sometimes a curious seal would show the tip of his nose. On the islands, the numerous seabirds are kings.

Why not practice SUP in mountain lakes ?
You can also rent an inflatable SUP for several days to practice the activity on places you will choose yourself like the fjords or maybe the mountain lakes if you want to spice-up your hiking tour

Included: Stand-Up paddle, life jacket
Dutaion: From 2 hours to several days

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