Fjord Tour Sommarøy alt. Grøtfjord/Tromvik - Flexitour

Address: 9008 Tromsø Date: Monday 10 dec 2018 - Wednesday 10 Apr 2019 Show map

Address: 9008 Tromsø

On this 145 kilometers long journey located mainly on the Whale island we will show you numerous fjords and mountains surrounding Tromsø.

Our tour is passing through a few historical sites of Tromso region- first driving nearby of Håkøya island where was bombarded the German warship-Tirpitz, then we will look to the past 2600 BC to see rock carvings on the place called Hella with its spectacular views.
Next stop will be Sommarøy (Summer island ) where you can observe open sea, many small islands and white sandy beaches. Here on the beautiful long beach with the view of Senja island we will take our lunch break- eating homemade lunch while sitting on warm reindeer skin, drinking hot drinks and enjoying pure norwegian nature around us.
On the way back to Tromsø we will drive different road on the another side of the Whale island, visiting Ersfjord, Kaldfjord and hoping to spot reindeer, moose, eagle, seel, or even orcas/killer whales and humpback whales during their winter migration through Kaldfjord.

Included: homemade chicken tortilla wrap, butter pastry, hot drinks, binoculars, tripods, reindeer skins, warm suits during winter period and photos from our tour sent by email/dropbox link.
Vegetarian/gluten free option- eggs tortilla wrap and butter pastry. Please request by booking/email.
Rental of full frame camera and wide lens for our customers : 500 NOK per tour, requests by e-mail/phone
Duration: 5 hours
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of participants: 2-8
Departure time and place: 10am (10:00) from outside Tourist Shop, Kirkegata 2 (white house)

Meeting time is 10 minutes before departure.

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