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  • Northern light snowshoe trip with Fjellkysten hotel - Fjellkysten

Northern light snowshoe trip with Fjellkysten hotel - Fjellkysten

Address: Soløyveien 190, 9357 Tennevoll

Address: Soløyveien 190, 9357 Tennevoll

Stay a night at Fjellkysten hotel and experience a northern light snowshoe trip right in the hotels backyard with almost no light pollution.
Fjellkysten hotel is located in the quiet fjord Lavangen, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the fjord. The house itself is designed with inspiration from the Sami gamme, and the Vikings long house. To stay at Fjellkysten can be a special experience. The house is halfway buried like a hut which also features a traditional Norwegian grass roof. You will not hear rain on the roof or wind against the outside walls. Most rooms have views over the bay, and in the winter this view is a great opportunity to see Aurora Borealis (the northern lighting). When the night sky is filled with shimmery light, it surely is a wonderful sight.

Stay a night at Fjellkysten Hotel with its beautiful surroundings, and join us for a snowshoe trip. We walk into the woods until it’s completely dark and just let the silence and the night sky embrace us. We take you to a spot where we know we can get view of the fjord, and where
there’s as dark as possible. The darkness gives us the best opportunity to enjoy the northern lights and the incredible starry sky. Here we will serve a light snack and a hot beverage, before we head back to the hotel. During the walk, we are always looking up to spot the lights, and the guests are free to request unscheduled stops. The trip can be adjusted to fit the participants level of experience and needs.

The duration of the trip is 2 hours, and take place in the hours from 18:00-22:00. We will serve a hot beverage during the trip. Guiding will be carried out in English. Season for this trip is: 1st of November – 31st of March.
Equipment included: Warm clothes, snowshoes, and poles.
Price include: buss for the city of your choice to Polar Park, transportation to and from Fjellkysten, accommodation, a todays dinner, the aurora snowshoe trip and bus from polar park to the city of your choice.
The guests can combine this package with a pass to Polar Park upon request. Fjellkysten will then provide a later pick up time from the park.

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