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April Aurora Chase – Knowledge, Storytelling and Technology – Tromsø Guide

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Address: 9008 Tromsø

Traditionally, the Aurora season ends at the end of March. In our professional opinion, it is a misconception that the period for observing the Northern Lights is over in late March. Indeed, the sky is not entirely dark in April. But there is enough darkness to see a reasonably active Aurora.

We offer our guests an exceptional opportunity to experience the Northern Lights still in April. The beautiful color of the sky makes the Aurora special. With a mystically lit mountain landscape, the late-season Aurora is a real gem to both the eye and the camera.

Tromsø Guide goes the extra mile to provide its guests rich and knowledgeable experience to savor while observing the Northern Lights throughout April when the official season is over. We are the company that leverages a unique technology to extend the Northern Lights season in April.

We have had a growing track record of highly positive reviews when it comes to unforgettable Northern Lights chases in April of 2017. Please check out TripAdvisor profile for reviews and pictures.

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