Yggdrasiltunet farmhotel

Address: Leirstrandveien 1557, 9106 Leirstrandveien 1557 Date: Monday 10 dec 2018 - Thursday 28 Feb 2019 Show map

Address: Leirstrandveien 1557, 9106 Leirstrandveien 1557

Yggdrasiltunets farm hotel is a pleasant experience for the whole family. Visit us and you will meet all our cozy animals.

The Island Horse Sleipnir and the Snowy Pony are two nice horses.
We have the world's cosiest and most carnivorous sheep and lamb, who appreciate human contact and come running to you when you show your interest. Sauer is really eelreite animals, and old Norwegian sheep are especially nice and beautiful to look at.
Aries Værner is a stately guy who loves to be chopped under chin. In May there is a lame birth, and it is extra nice to visit the farm at this time
We also have four nice goats. They get jaw in the spring, a little earlier a sheep, so during spring and summer we have many fun and funny goats hopping around in the yard.
We have cute soft rabbits who are nice to have in the lap and hens who walk around the farm, eat and enjoy making tasty and nutritious eggs for us.
After rounds and food with the animals you are welcome to our café. Enjoy homemade cakes and delicious lunches, enjoy your friends and family, enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere of the countryside. For our overnight guests, the restaurant is open daily.
We have no fixed opening hours and days for cafe operation, but we try to arrange as often as we can, without any other activity on the farm. From 2019 there will be daily operation of a farm café.
We offer cozy family cabins for accommodation, in May and June it is recommended for farm visits. At this time there is a very cozy atmosphere on the farm

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11 Dec
Tuesday 11 dec 2018 3:00 PM
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Thursday 13 dec 2018 3:00 PM
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Friday 14 dec 2018 3:00 PM

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