GuideGunnar`s Aurora Chase Dinner - GuideGunnar

Address: Guides Central, Sjøgata 29, 1. floor, 9008 tromsø Date: Sunday 14 oct 2018 - Wednesday 10 Apr 2019 Show map

Address: Guides Central, Sjøgata 29, 1. floor, 9008 tromsø

A keen finder of the optimal scenic wilderness location for your night chasing the northern lights, GuideGunnar sets up his outdoor kitchen and treats you to a tasty, vegetarian Autumn Soup, prepared over the open fire and served with home baked bread.

For meat lovers there is the Norwegian delicacy ‘Fenalår’, a dry cured lamb ham which has been part of the Norwegian cuisine for centuries. Fenalår is often com-pared with prosciutto or jamón curado, only it’s lamb.
So sit back and relax while dinner is being served and GuideGunnar will share sto-ries from local history and Norwegian fairy tales of trolls and moose. And should La-dy Aurora disrupt just at dinner time, you’re all set to grab the chance of experienc-ing the lights.

In your chase for the magical Aurora Borealis, GuideGunnar finds the way to the best weather conditions, delivering a consistently high northern lights finding rate.

In this high quality, good service, small group of only eight guests’ chase into the Arctic wilderness you are well looked after by one of Norway’s most innovative and experienced tour guides. Educated mountain guide, GuideGunnar is known for his energy and enthusiasm, sharing generously his in-depth, local knowledge of heritage and country.

– What is most important to me is that you as a guest shall have the best possible chance to experience what you have come here for; to see the dance of Lady Auro-ra in the nightern skies.

GuideGunnar’s Aurora Chase Dinner includes:
Pick up from Guides Central, level 1, Sjøgata 29 Tromsø.
GuideGunnar's guide service.
Dinner served: GuideGunnar’s vegetarian Autumn Soup with home made bread. Fenalår, a dry cured lamb ham.
Catering snacks: Skattøra Lefse; Arctic Norway's traditional and locally made pastry with cream and sweet goat cheese. Served with hot black currant jus.
Arctic proof warm boots and thermo suit. Dress to impress the Arctic's sub zero tempera-tures.
Camera tripods.
If we catch a good one, I share GuideGunnar Aurora Chase photographs from your Aurora night with you.
A Google Map directions link, showing your Aurora Chase tour route.
Return transport to your accommodation, in the city.
GuideGunnar's tours run in a high quality, warm and spacious 14 seater mini bus with on screen introductions to Aurora Borealis en route to the lights.

Please bring: warm clothing, your passport and lot's of patience

Duration: 6-8 hours (max. 10 hours)
Number of participants: 2-8
Level of difficulty: Medium

Departure time and place:
September 1st - September 30th and March 20th - April 10th: 8pm (20:00) from Guides Central, Sjøgata 29
October 1st - March 19th: 7pm (19:00) from Guides Central, Sjøgata 29
Please be at Guides Central, Sjøgata 29, at lest 15 minutes before departure

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GuideGunnar`s Aurora Chase Dinner - GuideGunnar


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