Midnight Sun Kayak Camp – Tromsø Villmarkssenter

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The midnight sun reflected in calm waters, the sound of seabirds nesting as your kayak glides perfectly still through the water. This is the essence of Norwegian “Friluftsliv”, the feeling of serene calm you get while enjoying life outdoors.

For you the adventurer, the explorer, the family and lovres of nature’s beauty, we made this tour especially for you. Starting by Kayak in the evening sun, we make our way along the coast of “Kvaløya” until you feel like making camp (4-6 hours). You’re free to create your own adventure, fishing, hunting for the perfect midnight sun picture or simply quiet meditation to the sound of ocean waves. As tradition in the bright summer nights, sleeping is completely optional.
Monday, Friday
Please bring: Warm clothes, raincoat, sunglasses, sneakers and extra set of clothes
*Midnight Sun from 18.05. to 25.07.

Included: Guide, transfer (15-30 min each way), overnight under open sky or in a lavvo, kayak equipment, all meals
Duration: 15 hours
Number of participants: 2-6
Level of difficulty: Medium
Departure time and place: 6:15pm (18:15) at Radisson Blu Hotel

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