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The Science Centre of Northern Norway

Area: Tromsø (72 km to Polarbadet)  Map

Activity Centre, Attractions, Short trips Science Centre with plenty of educational fun and close to a hundred interactive exhibits for the curious-minded of all ages. In Norway’s largest all-dome full digital planetari...

Bussring AS

23 Aug 2019 - 31 Aug 2019
Area: Tromsø (73 km to Polarbadet)  Map
Occasion: Not specified

Hire, Car & Bus Hire, Minibus [...] Coach rental
. Bussring is the largest tour bus company in Northern Norway.

Tide Buss

Area: the Tromsø region (73 km to Polarbadet)  Map

Car & Bus Hire, Bus, Minibus Safe and comfortable - with a panoramic view. As one of Norway's leading transport companies Tide Buss strives to offer the best possible service and product by continued invest...

Visit Stakkevollan swimmingpool - Tromsø Kommune

Area: the Tromsø region (74 km to Polarbadet)  Map

Activities Summer, Health and Wellness, Activities Winter [...] Swim in an indoor facility where there is an exposed mountainside.

To-Foto AS

Area: Harstad (82 km to Polarbadet)  Map

Shopping, Souvenirs, Clothes & Shoes [...] Since the late 1970′s; To - Foto AS have had a special focus through a long and deliberate strategy to build a photo archive with aerial photos and pictures from the Arctic Norway.

-SPECIAL PACKAGE- 3 nights at Polar Cabin with Activities in Summer -All included- (max.10 people) - Polar Cabin

(85 km to Polarbadet)  Map

Activities Summer, Fjord Excursions by Car, Overnight Trips [...] This Special Package includes accomodation at Polar Cabin with food and activities-hiking and fjord tour - a unique experience that you will never forget.

!SPECIAL PACKAGE! 3 Nights at Polar Cabin - All Inclusive - Accomodation, Food and Activities (2-6 people) - Polar Cabin

Area: Tromsø (85 km to Polarbadet)  Map

Activities Summer, Activities Winter, Overnight Trips [...] It is special opportunity to connect accommodation in a traditional Norwegian cottage located in a birch forest, taste the local food, and snowshoeing/hiking experience. Polar C...

Troll Hunting by snowmobile - Lyngen Adventure

Area: the Tromsø region (90 km to Polarbadet)  Map

Activities Winter, Snowmobiles

Join us on an exciting snowmobiling adventure between giant mountains and learn how these imposing summits inspired Norwegian folklore.

You will ride your own snowmobil...

Spaceship Aurora –a journey into the Northern Lights

Area: Coastal areas (97 km to Polarbadet)  Map

Activity Centre, Activities Summer, City & Culture [...] Join us on a journey into the Northern Lights and solve the mystery of the aurora with our virtual spaceship.

Lyngenfjord Bungee

24 Aug 2019 - 28 Sep 2019
Area: Lyngen (106 km to Polarbadet)  Map
Time: Show all

Bungee jumping Bungee Jump from Gorsabrua (the Gorsa Bridge). A spectacular truss bridge spans across what used to be the best-kept secret in Tourist-Norway; the Gorsa Gorge!

Boat- and Fishing Tours with Hoel Sjøtransport

Area: Coastal areas (110 km to Polarbadet)  Map

Fishing, Deep-sea Fishing, Activities Summer [...] Sjøtransport offers custom-made and eventful fishing trips, business trips, bird watching, summit walks and sightseeing with our boats along the coast of Troms county.    

Øyskyss II (33 pers.)

Area: Coastal areas (110 km to Polarbadet)  Map

Boat Hire, Boat with skipper, Hire Øyskyss II is stationed at Hansnes, Karlsøy and takes 33 passengers, with good facilities for both guests and crew.

Tromsøgutt (10 prs.)

23 Aug 2019 - 30 Jan 2020
Area: Coastal areas (110 km to Polarbadet)  Map
Occasion: 9:00

Boat Hire, Boat with skipper, Hire Tromsøgutt takes 10 passengers, and is also ideal to rent for several days (sleeps 4).

Aurora 101

See & Do An educational evening, teaching you everything worth knowing about the Northern Lights.

Reindeer feeding and Northern lights - Tromsø Lapland

See & Do Visit our camp and participate in the evening feeding session of our reindeer. The location is perfect for northern lights observation too!

RIB tour and distilliry visit

Area: the Tromsø region

See & Do

At this fjord tour you will experience an exhilarating way of transportation while enjoying the beautiful sights Lyngenfjord has to offer, rounding it all of with a stop at A...

Crash-course in Cross-country

Area: the Tromsø region

See & Do

This might be the perfect start on your Norwegian winter holiday.

With our beginner course we will make sure you know all the techniques and skills needed to venture ou...

Aurora 101 – Norhern Lights Chasing

23 Aug 2019 - 1 Apr 2020
Area: the Tromsø region
Occasion: Not specified

See & Do

Join us in Lyngen, for one of the best ways to start off your Northern Lights holiday - an evening filled with all the Information you will need for observing and photographi...

Touring skis Dynafit Beast 108

See & Do Exciting freeride ski from Dynafit! Dynafit Beast 108 is a gift for skiing tourist who appreciate fresh touring skiing. Very convincing characteristics on all types of snow make...

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