Visit Tromsø offers useful maps and brochures for the Tromsø region. Below you will find an overview of the brochures that you can download or read online. You are also welcome to visit the Tourist Information Office when you are in Tromsø and pick up a copy.



Winter Activities 2017/18

Get an overview of all the winter activities you may choose from while in Tromsø
Download the Winter Activities 2017/18  (PDF)
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Summer Activities 2017

Experience a lot of daily activites throughout the summer in Tromsø
Download the Summer Activities 2017 (PDF)
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Tromsø City Map


This map presents an overview of Tromsø's attractions and city centre on one page, and the Tromsø island on the other.
Download the Tromsø City Map  (PDF)
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Tromsø Region Map

Travel map of the Tromsø region
Download the Tromsø Region Map (PDF)
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Tromsø Guide 2016 - No/Eng

Accommodation, restaurants, attractions, shopping and more in the Tromsø region
Download the Tromsø Guide 2016 - No/Eng (PDF)
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Tromsø Guide 2016 - De/Fr

Hier finden Sie Informationen über Unterkunft, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Einkaufsmöglichkeiten und mehr in der Tromsø-Region.
Vous trouverez des informations sur l'hébergement, les attractions, les boutiques de la région de Tromsø et bien plus encore.
Download the Tromsø Guide 2016 - De / Fr (PDF)
Browse the Tromsø Guide 2016 - De/Fr