Care for Tromsø

Everyone is welcome here and you are our guest. We encourage you to be considerate during your stay in Tromsø by following these simple guidelines. In this way, you will contribute to preserving the beautiful nature we have up here and ensure the locals enjoy hosting you.

1 Leave no trace – use established paths and fireplaces
As the saying goes “take only phots, leave only footprints”. Always use marked and established paths. Avoid leaving traces in the nature from pitching tents on soft, vulnerable ground or making stone cairns, etc. Only use established fireplaces and ensure there is no fire risk. Take your own firewood – never break off branches or twigs. Check that your fire is completely out before leaving. The lighting of fires or barbecues (including single-use barbecues) is not permitted in or near forests
and other uncultivated lands in Norway from 15 April to 15 September.
2 Respect animals, birds and plants
Respect the animal life, especially during the spring calving and breeding seasons. Always keep a good distance from wild animals and avoid causing them unnecessary stress. Remember to keep your dog on a leash. Don’t disturb abandoned checks or other baby animals. The removal of eggs from nests is not permitted. Avoid picking wild flowers as many wild flowers are rare so far north. Everyone has the right to pick wild blueberries, lingonberries and crowberries on uncultivated land. However, it is not permitted to pick cloudberries in enclosed areas.
3 Take your rubbish – only use existing toilets
Don’t leave any rubbish behind. Avoid using wet wipes because they take so long to decay. If there are no rubbish containers in the area, take all your rubbish with you. If nature calls in an area where there are no existing toilets, you must take used toilet paper with you in a separate bag.
4 Use camp sites
If you plan to pitch a tent, use an official camp site or established camping area with toilet and waste disposal facilities.
5 Respect private property
Don’t drive or park on private roads, forest roads or access roads without the landowner’s permission. If you open gates, remember to close them behind you to prevent grazing animals, like cows, sheep and reindeer, from escaping.
6 Going skiing or hiking – use local guides
The nature is beautiful, but it can also be unpredictable. For your own safety, we recommend going on organised trips with local guides during both the summer and winter seasons.  The weather in the Arctic can change quickly. Note the length of the route and the time of the sunset. Always check the weather forecast on www.yr.no before setting off. Always take extra clothes and food – even on short trips. Read more about how to dress for Arctic conditions here.
7 Be considerate
Be considerate to the locals and your fellow hikers. The silence of nature is part of the experience, for locals and visitors alike. In Norway, we generally greet people we meet along the hiking trail.
8 Avalanche safety
Troms is the county in Norway with the most avalanche accidents. Always check the weather conditions before going on a skiing or hiking trip. Good planning is good risk management. Check www.varsom.no for avalanche warnings and advice about how best to plan your trip. Check the weather forecast on www.yr.no. Remember the weather can change quickly. Be aware that avalanches in this region can block roads, so always take extra clothes and footwear – even if you are only going for a drive.
NVE and CARE has made a survey about varsom.no to get more insights on guests informationflow when it comes to avalanche safety. We would appreciate if you took a few minutes to answer the survey: http://www.varsom.no/test1
9 Road traffic safety
Rural roads are often narrow – remember to keep as far to the right as possible when driving and always walk on the left-hand side. Keep a good distance when passing cyclists. Always use a high visibility vest or reflector when you are out and about in the dark, regardless of whether you are in urban areas, walking beside roads or chasing the Northern Lights.
10 Photography, drones
There are many subjects you may wish to photograph. If you plan to photograph people, it’s important to ask first. The use of drones is prohibited on Tromsø’s main island, Tromsøya, as well as on parts of Kvaløya and the mainland. Check the rules here.