Kari Schibevaag

Norwegian alps in Lyngenfjord

Take a scenic drive from Tromsø to Lyngen where the beaten tracks are waiting for you - the perfect Arctic roadtrip.

Enjoy extreme outdoor activities with friends or fresh and fun experiences with your family. Lyngen peninsula with it’s high peaks, blue glaciers and dramatic landscape continues to amaze both young and old. The region also creates the surroundings for cultural highlights such as the annual music festival Riddu Riđđu

For the extreme

The Lyngen alps are worth the visit just for the view, but skiing and hiking is highly popular if you’re into a bit more extreme activities. Lyngenfjord can offer walks on Steindalsbreen Glacier, ski touring in untouched snow-covered mountainsides in the Lyngen Alps or even ice climbing. Please make sure to take precautions before heading out on tour - read more on www.varsom.no


Take your family or friends to one of the Northern Norwegian museums in Storslett, Lyngen, Skibotn or Kåfjord where you’ll learn more about Northern Norwegian culture and Sami culture. At Seppalatunet you’ll get to learn moreabout famous polar expeditions.


Hike to Blåisvatnet (The Blue Lake) and enjoy the intense blue water surrounded by steep mountains. If you’re looking for a view out of the ordinary, visiting the Gorsa bridge is an experience stretching 153 metres over the deep Sabetjohk Canyon. Also – walking the mountain “Haltitoppen” you’ve been to Finlands highestmountain.


How to get there:

Car: 200 km (round trip)

Directions: Follow E8 from Tromsø to Fagernes and go along Rv 91 to the quayside of Breivikeidet. Take the ferry (20 minutes) over to Svensby. This is the perfect opportunity to get a panoramic view of the Lyngen alps.

Ferry: Breivikeidet to Svensby