Photo: Kari Schibevaag

Arctic Lights

Tromsø is located at nearly 70° north between magnificent fjords, breathtaking mountain peaks, and islands, it is a prime starting point for your arctic adventure. Situated in the middle of the Aurora oval, the area with the highest probability of seeing the Northern Lights, makes Tromsø one of the best places in the world to see the Green Lady dance across the sky. The Polar Night season and the Arctic Light gives unforgettable light shows and some of the longest sunsets you will ever experience. In summer, the Midnight Sun joins us from May to July. When the sun never sets below the horizon we are too busy to sleep.

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Arctic Experience

Hi! I`m Dan, a native Norwegian who is born and raised under the dancing Northern Lights, and ever since I was a small kid I can remember being captivated by this beauty in the night sky. I`m a photographer & aurora hunter, which means that I will go as far as possible to find the best locations to see the lights. Homemade carrot cake and vegetable soup will keep you warm and comfortable while I tell you the legends and the physics behind the lights, and the small group of max 8 guests will ensure that I can provide the best service possible to you. PS: I only have tours every other day, to be able to move a tour if the weather is bad; people don’t pay me to look at clouds.


Arctic Explorers

We are Northern Lights and photography specialists. We have a quality company with small personal groups up to 14 guests. On our tours, we provide warm expedition suits, winter shoes, tripods, pictures from the tour and passionate guides. As we experience magical moments throughout the year, we want you to experience that very moment yourself. We are committed to your participation, so we will try to cater to everyone’s needs. We will guide you and endeavour for you to experience those breath-taking moments whilst feeling safe and comfortable. We hope that we will get the pleasure of your company on our tours! 

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The Ultimate Northern Lights chase
The ultimate whale watching trip
The ultimate fjord excursion by car
The ultimate fjord cruise



Arctic Guide Service

Within just a few years, we have established ourselves as the leading contractor and guide service in the northern parts of Norway. During the high season, we engage around 100 guides and offer tours in a wide range of languages. In 2001, our company started up in Lofoten. In 2006, we established ourselves in Tromsø, and expanded to North Cape three years later. We are proud to offer our services in all three destinations under the name Arctic Guide Service — a name that shows our strong connection to the arctic region.

Activities with Arctic Guide Service soon available for booking. 


Aurora Borealis Tour - Karl Ivar

Welcome to Karl Ivar’s tours. I offer tours during the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun and I can take you out to explore our beautiful fjords. I don’t know how to control the weather, but what I do know is all the best locations for viewing and photographing Aurora Borealis in Tromsø region. Not only do I know the locations, I also have great experience in photographing the Northern Lights. I believe that guiding a small group of people is the only way of giving a personal and valuable experience to each and one of you. My guided group tours consists of no more than 15 people. I welcome you to join our wonderful adventure in the north!

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Photo Safari to Kvaløya’s Amazing Fjords
Karl-Ivar’s Northern Lights Chase


Aurora Tour

Do you want to avoid big tourist groups? Are you travelling with your family, small children or just with your friends, and would you like to enjoy this fascinating experience with a maximum of eight people? We will pick you up from your accommodation in Tromso and our experienced guides will take you to unique places, where there are highest possibilities to see the Aurora. We provide regional snacks, hot drinks, warm clothes, bonfire and we take pictures of you under the Northern Lights. Let us take you on the adventure of your lifetime and just book the trip with Aurora Tour!

Activities with Aurora Tour soon available for booking. 



After more than 20 years with a passion for Northern Lights photography Geir Ytterstad started AuroraPhotoGuide 5 years ago. From September to the end of March, we hunt the Northern Lights. We take you to the area outside Tromsø, with the best possible chances for clear skies on your selected evening. Geir and his team has long experience in photography, and chasing the Northern Lights. We will help you with your camera settings, and we will take pictures of you under the magnificent lights. We wish to give you an unforgettable evening under the arctic sky with (in our opinion) the most beautiful natural phenomenon.

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Private Fjord / Midnightsun Tour
Chasing “The Green Lady” 
Private Northern Light Chase


Green Gold Of Norway

Welcome to Green Gold of Norway – bed, breakfast and adventure by Francisco Damm. In Summer we run daily RIB-Boat Photographic Excursions from Tromso to Musvær and to Beautiful Hella. From September to April we run our popular 24hrs Activity Stay packages which includes Photography, RIB-Boat (Whale Watching) or Snowmobile excursions in the day time, and Northern Lights Chase & accommodation in our Crystal Lavvos in the evening. Hope to see you soon!

Book your activties with Green Gold of Norway:

Northern Lights Photographic Excursion from Tromsø
Midnight Sun photo safari by RIB
Snowmobile Safari in the Beautiful Northern Lyngen Alps –
3-hour RiB-Boat excursion to Beautiful Hella
Fjord safari by Rib-boat
Crystal Lavvo & Fjord safari by Rib-boat



Greenlander offers tours with an adventurous Arctic Truck. We will take you out in small groups – a maximum of only 6 persons. Our small family run company’s strength is professional photography. Our works have been published internationally and we have won awards. As we have been out more than 1000 nights chasing, our success rate today is high – around 98% chance. We are dedicated to find the Aurora to make your dream come true. Other tours we do, are kayaking in Arctic and private fjord tours with car. Feel free to read what other travellers have written about us on Trip Advisor and Facebook. If you have a special request for your tour, we can organise this. Are you ready for an adventure?

Book your activities with Greenlander:

Private Northern Lights expedition with Arctic Truck
Private fjord tour with Arctic Truck
Northern Lights Expedition with Arctic 4WD Truck max. 6 people


Marianne’s Heaven on Earth Aurora Chaser Tours

I am Marianne, a native of Tromvik – a small fishing village on the island of Kvaløya. My family first settled here in the early 1700s. For as long as I remember, I’ve been fascinated by the Northern Lights and its mystery. I don’t feel at home unless I’m outside, under the stars, the Midnight Sun, planning a new photographic image, to fulfil my lifelong passion. A friend gave me the idea to share the wonderful experiences that I have been enjoying all my life. I have been lucky enough to find guides who share the same passion as me to photograph and who have chased the aurora worldwide. Come and join us!

Book your activities with Marianne:

A Professional Photography Evening with Camera Gear Included
A Passionate Aurora Borealis Hunt
Marianne’s Fjord, Whale, Eagle and Wildlife Photography Tour


Northern Horizon

Join us on our small group tours to explore the beauty of the Arctic. During the night, we will take you on a Northern Lights hunt. During the day, we offer an Arctic nature excursion. Come with us and witness one of the most stunning natural light phenomenon – the Aurora Borealis. Discover the unique landscape of Northern Norway, full of fjords, mountains, beaches and regional wildlife. We cannot wait to meet you and guide you during your stay in Tromsø!

Book your activitites with Northern Horizon: 

Fjord Tour from Tromsø - All inclusive
Small group Northern Lights tour - All inclusive


Northern Lights Tromsø

Probably the best Northern Lights chasers in the world with a happy atmosphere, keen interest in photography and a skilled nose in smelling out clear skies when the weather is in a bad mood. Our specialty is the small groups where you can escape the crowds. A thermal suit and a nice cup of hot chocolate are included to keep you warm, along with high-resolution photos taken during the tour. You will receive them via email at no extra cost so you can share them with your friends and print them for your album. We welcome you to join our chase!

Book your activities with Northern Lights Tromsø:

Fjord Tour by minibus
Snowshoeing in a Small Group
Northern Lights Chase in Private Car
Northern Lights Chase in a small group
Northern Lights Chase by bus 



Northern Soul Adventures

Northern Soul Adventures was established in 2016, pursuing a dream to offer intimate & memorable experiences throughout the raw boreal seasons. We spent years travelling the world & living abroad, seeking adventure through numerous road trips, and collecting inspiration for what we do today. With no two tours ever the same, our enthusiasm never fades. Our custom-built tour van, is fully equipped with everything you may need in the arctic, allowing us to discover remote & dramatic scenery, often taking you the road less travelled. As passionate photographers we craft & capture vibrant moments, allowing you to appreciate the vast silent landscapes, in an organic storytelling atmosphere around the roaring campfire. If you love nature and live for adventure, we look forward to meeting you. NB: max 7 souls / vegan friendly.

Book your activtities with Northern Soul Adventures:

A journey in search of the Northern Lights
Private "a journey in search of the Northern Lights"
Discover the Fjords 
Private - Discover the Fjords


NorthernShots Tours

We are 100% focused on Northern Lights, pioneers of the legendary AURORA CHASE excursion! If the weather is bad, we go find the northern lights, we do not wait for them (up to Finland if needed)! All our guides are professional photographers and they will make all their best to grant you the perfect aurora photo from your tour! If you don’t find the Lights on the first tour, you can join us again at half price! Come and visit us at our crazy shop in Amundsens Plass 1 (always open, right in front of the tourist information building).

Book your activties with NorthernShots:

Photo tour of the Arctic- Alpine Botanic Garden
Aurora Chase
Aurora PASS - Join us every day for a fixed price


Scan Adventure

Raised by a Norwegian mother and German father in Germany, I always believed that one day I would live in Norway. While growing up, my mother told me stories about Tromsø region with its mountains, fjords and arctic lights. In June 1998, my dream came true and I moved to Tromsø. The next year I became a tourist guide, which enabled me to share the beauty of our regions with tourists from around the world. Since 2009, my guides and I have run successful Aurora safaris. The knowledge we have acquired means we don`t leave anything to chance. We speak a variety of languages: Norwegian, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. We also offer customized city walks and other tours to interesting places in our region. We welcome you to join our tours!

Book your activities with Scan Adventure:

The Wonders of Northern Norway 


The Green Adventure

Join our guided activities to explore nature around Tromsø. We guarantee small groups and friendly guides. We have a great experience in chasing the Northern Lights and cooperate with many others to find clear skies. To see the fjords we take you on a road trip along the coast. To experience snowshoeing, we offer an easy three hour hike. And for the Midnight Sun... let’s watch it by campfire, eating Norwegian waffles! We avoid crowds to experience nature in peace and quiet, and take good quality photos for you. ”Green” stands for aurora, nature and ecology. We cater for vegetarians and vegans.

Book your activities with The Green Adventure:

Discover the Fjords of the Island of Kvaløya by Car
Midnight Sun Coast Landscapes and Campfire
Aurora in Wonderland - a northern lights chase by minibuss



The Northern Lights Hunter

We are one of the longest running northern lights companies in Tromsø. Our mission is to show our guests the amazing Northern Lights by minibus, while driving through the wonderful landscape of the North. When we are on the chase for the Green Lady, we will have several stops, serving hot coffee, tea, chocolate and something sweet. If needed, we provide you with warm clothing and tripods. Our professional team, driver and guide, will take care of you and take pictures of you and the Northern Lights which you will get from us complimentary. Day tours though spectacular landscapes and private tours are available.

Book your activities with The Northern Lights Hunter:

The Northern Lights Hunter by Minibus


Tromsø Friluftsenter

As a small local family-run company, we have from 2004 given our guests adventures straight from our hearts. For us it is not only about ”Miss Aurora” or the midnight sun, but also about meeting people that has an impact on our soul. We represent the local culture while bringing you the experiences of fresh sea air, the peace, and the clear beautiful colours that surrounds us. We are so grateful that we are able to witness the moment when mother nature reveals herself to our you, in all her glory. Welcome to an authentic North Norwegian experience!

Book your activities with Tromsø Friluftsenter: 

Northern Lights Chase with North Norwegian Charm
A Taste of North Norwegian Seafood by RiB
Midnight Sun Adventure by RiB
Sea birds, Seals and Museum visit – included Zodiac tour–Summer
Sea Bird, Seals, Eagles by Zodiac - Winter


Wandering Owl

Meet the Owls and join our family! Are you looking for a small and personal company to organize your stay? We offer a range of outdoor experiences for everybody, in all seasons, with an eco-friendly approach, high quality, and attention to the detail. Our guides are nature and photography experts, who will send you home with an incredible experience of the Norwegian nature, together with stunning photos as memories of your trip. All our tours include delicious homemade meals prepared by our cooks and highly praised by our reviewers, together with all the necessary equipment to keep you warm and happy.

Book your activities with Wandering Owl:

Take a Walk on the Wild Side – a hike on Kvaløya – Summer
Take a walk on the wild side - All-inclusive snowshoeing tour
Aurora Hunt – All-inclusive - small-group Northern Lights chase
A Night Walk on the Wild Side – a hiking tour on Kvaløya
Star Walk – a night snowshoeing tour
Arctic Landscapes – Winter - A Road Trip along the Fjords
Summer Night Campfire – a Fjord Tour with Dinner and Photography
Arctic Landscapes - a sightseeing tour to Kvaløya
Pop-Up Sauna