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Most of Tromsø’s attractions can be enjoyed by curious minds of all ages. Visit Polaria at seal-feeding time to enjoy the cute seals’ daily training sessions. The Science Centre offers wonderful interactive fun and discovery, as well as educational films in the Planetarium. A ride on the cable car Fjellheisen is thrilling in itself and offers the best views of Tromsø island. In the summer, you can go for gentle walks from the upper cable car station. Tromsø University Museum is a firm favourite with children. Learn about the Vikings, the Sami Culture, archaeology and the challenges of the natural world here in the Arctic.

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Alfheim Swimming Hall

Swim in one of Tromsø’s oldest swimming pool, which even has a fantastic view. Alfheim swimming pool has a 25m pool and a 10m paddling pool, a diving board that  is 3m and a small kiosk. The swimming pool is open everyday, and is located just out  of the city centre.   


Ice skating hall

Everyone is welcome to Norway’s most northern ice-skating hall, which also have a small café. It’s possible to rent skates, helmets and penguins (support for smaller children) if one doesn’t own the equipment themselves. Opening hours are Tuesdays between 19:00-21:00 and Saturdays/Sundays between 12:00-17:00. The opening hours can be reduced some days due to match activity, so it is wise to check the website before your visit. Opening period is medio October – end of April    

Read more about Tromsø Ice skating hall here


Ice skating track

Go ice-skating in the world’s most northern outdoor speed skating track. It is possible to rent skates, helmets and supports for smaller children in the café, which the local skating club runs. The speed skating track opening hours are Mondays/Wednesdays between 17:15-20:45 and Saturdays/Sundays between 11:00-16:00. Since it’s an outdoor track it could be closed on short notice because of the weather.  Opening period is beginning of November to the end of February. 

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Ishavstoget - The Arctic Train

Hop on to a small train though the Capital of the North Tromsø with the only train ever in town. City and Panoramic Tour: round trip through Troms’s pedestrian street, heading southwards along the waterfront, higher up with a view and back through historic skansen. Commentary in Norwegian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese. The train runs from 1st of June until 31st of August between 11am and 4pm. Meeting point: Storgata - pedestrian street.


Northern Light planetarium

Since 1989 the Northern light planetarium has offered the aurora borealis, the perfect playground to display all its beauty, no matter what the weather conditions are like outside. In the 360° dome theatre, breathtaking northern lights come alive every day. This stunning full-dome visual (English, German and Norwegian narration) is featuring the aurora in science, history, and myth. High definition footage leaves the impression of watching the northern lights live. All planetarium shows and entrance to the Science Centre – hands on science for all ages - are included in the admission fee. For program, changes and off-schedule screenings see:

Read more about the Northern Light planetarium here


Polaria - an Arctic adventure

Located in a distinctive building resembling ice floes pressed up on land, the Arctic marine experience centre is just a five-minute walk from downtown Tromsø. Polaria displays research on climate and the environment in the Arctic region through interesting knowledge-based exhibits produced in collaboration with scientists from the Fram Centre. Polaria presents aquariums featuring seals, fish and marine animals from Arctic and Subarctic regions. The panoramic cinema screens films about the Svalbard wilderness and Northern Lights. The Polaria shop sells unique gifts and souvenirs, and the café serves light refreshments every day year-round. 

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Polar Musem

The Polar Museum tells the exciting story of risky Arctic trapping and courageous polar expeditions. Located in former Customs House on the quayside dating from 1830. Tromsø was the centre of seal hunting in North Norway, and the town was established at the “Gateway to the Arctic” in the late 1800s. Tromsø has long been an important base for many polar expeditions, and the Polar Museum exhibits and presents this polar seafaring tradition. At the museum you will meet the courageous men and women and the ships and equipment that were essential for life both on the sea and in the Arctic.

Book your guided tour at the Polar Museum (only available during the summer):

Guided Tour of the Polar Museum


Science Centre of Northern Norway

Are you just a little bit curious? What if you could explore the layers of the atmosphere in a Northern Lights elevator, play with the magnetic field or produce energy in a hamster wheel. These are a few examples from the exhibition themes reflecting our northern location, energy and environment, the sky, the climate and the human body. Interactive exhibits engage the senses, suits all ages and demonstrates the diversity of nature and technologies surrounding us. Entrance to the Science Centre and planetarium – breath-taking full-dome Northern Light shows - are included in the admission fee.

Read more about Science Centre of Northern Norway here


Stakkevollan swimming pool

Swim in an indoor facility where there is an exposed mountainside. Stakkevollans opening hours are Mondays/Wednesdays between 16:00-22:00 and Saturdays between 10:00-16:00. The swimming pool has a ramp for wheelchairs, and a small kiosk. The pool is closed during public holidays. 

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Tromsø Arctic Reindeer Experience

An authentic Sami Reindeer experience carried out by local Sami Reindeer Herders with over 300 reindeer at the camp within a 30 minute drive of Tromsø. Offering a number of tours, including Reindeer Sledding, and with all you will be hosted by Sami Reindeer herders who will show and teach you about Reindeer herding and Sami culture. We guarantee that you will experience the joy of being close to Reindeer, the feeling of coming into a warm lavvu (Sami tent) and gamme (Sami Wooden Hut), the smells and tastes of traditional Sami food and the sounds of the traditional joik.

Activities with Tromsø Arctic Reindeeer Experience soon available for booking. 


Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden

Discover the beauty of alpine flowers from around the world and the fascinating world of Arctic plants. The Primula and Saxifraga collections are marvellous and renowned among rock garden societies. Herb garden with medicinal and traditional dye and food plants. Small café and shop open during the summer. The garden is only a 5 minutes’ walk away from Tromsø Cruise Port – follow the blue flowers painted on the pavement. The Botanical Garden is open 24/7. Free entrance.


Tromsø University Museum

We offer exhibitions and events of life and the country before and now here in the north forty, from the geology of the Northern Lights from sami life to dinosaurs! Comprehensive university museum with Sami culture, Northern Lights, archeology and Arctic biology. Sami culture, archaelogy, church art, geology, Northern Lights and zoology in Northern Norway's most comprehensive museum. Suitable for children!


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Discover the Aurora
Guided exhibition tour


Tromsø Villmarksenter

Based just outside Tromsø city and within the Arctic Circle, we’re uniquely placed to cater for a wide range of activities throughout the year. Our short Dog Sled tours leave daily throughout the winter with longer expeditions scheduled for the spring. We can also provide visits to our centre to meet the Huskies, which are available all year round. In the summer months, we provide kayaking tours and with hikes with the dogs from our centre. If you have any special requests please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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Dogsledding in the Arctic Night
Northern Lights Husky Visit
Puppy Training
Aurora Husky Hike
Arctic Spring Dog Sledding
Midnight Sun Kayaking
Dog Sledding Expedition 2 Days
Sea Kayaking
Visit Husky Home
Hiking with Huskies
Dog sledding daytime
Husky Hike with Aurora Camp
Family Arctic Hiking Fun
Snowshoe Trip
Aurora Camp and Dog Sledding


The Cable Car/Fjellheisen

The Cable Car is Tromsø’s most popular tourist destination. From the large outdoor terrace, you can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Tromsø and the virtually endless sight of islands, fjords, mountains and the open sea. If you look in the other direction, you will see the majestic mountain Tromsdalstinden, which towers 1,238 m above sea level. In summer, the panorama deck at the upper station provides excellent opportunities of seeing the Midnight Sun, while in winter it’s an ideal place for hunting the magical Northern Lights.

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The Cable Car