Northern Lights Chase

Northern Lights - chase or experience?

Join an organised Northern Lights tour and let the guide provide you with knowledge about the dancing Aurora. You can choose between two types; Northern Lights Chase and Northern Lights Experience. But which one will suit you best?

#1 Northern Lights Chase

These activities go in search of the best possible place on any given night to find clear sky and then the Northern Lights. The chase goes by bus, minibus or boat. If you are in a hurry and don’t mind getting back late, then these are a good option with high chances of finding the lights. Choose the tour that best suits you, based on duration, price, group size and what is included.

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#2 Northern Lights Experience

These activities go to one dark, scenic and comfortable location where you have good chances of seeing the Northern Lights, and at the same time can try exciting and interesting activities or experience some North Norwegian culture. 

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