Following a scenic route from Tromsø, you’ll soon end up on the fairytale island Senja. Here you can follow national tourist roads with world class nature surrounding them.

Senja is becoming more and more of the perfect off-beat attraction. Here you’ll find steep mountain tops with extreme views, pure air and a chance to jump in fresh waters from white sand beaches. Being one of the biggest islands in Norway, Senja can offer both coastal and inland activities, such as kayaking, diving, dogsledding and guided tours in cultural landscapes.

Segla has become an iconic Instagram-mountain and is not a very hard hike to do. Starting in Fjordgård parkinglot the tracks are clearly marked. Other mountains to explore are Husfjellet, Lonketind and Dronningruta in Senja. The Ånderdalen National park has trees more than 600 years old, as well as untouched nature for hikes. A part of exploring Senja is going out to Dyrøy which is located between the island and the mainland. Dyrøy hosts all of Norways best features in one small area. Recommended hikes are Børringen and Dyrøygommen. Please make sure to take precautions before heading out on tour - read more on www.varsom.no

National tourist road
Steep mountains going straight into the ocean and the road going in and out of the fjords with crystal clear water, takes you to various points along the tourist road. In Bergsbotn you can go out on a 44 meter long platform with spectacular views. Driving to Ersfjordstrand you can enjoy white sand beaches and even visit the artsy gold-plated toilet facility, which is an attraction on its own. In the middle of Øyfjorden lies Husøy, which is a small island. It has the most active fishing community hosting a few hundred permanent inhabitants. Visit the rest area of Tungeneset and walk the walkway built in Siberian larch leads, taking you on a journey with views of the Northern Sea in the west and the Oksen mountain with its sharp peaks in the North.


How to get there:

Route 1 (summer only)

Car: 100 km (round trip Tromsø-Brensholmen)

Directions: Follow Rv 862 from Tromsø to Brensholmen and from Brensholmen you take the ferry over to Senja. The ferry from Brensholmen takes 45 min one-way. Return the same way, or make it into a round trip by following E6 Olsborg to Tromsø.

Route 2 (all year)
Drive from Tromsø to Finnsnes, and from Finnsnes to the Gisund Bridge through birch forestes and past historical Gibostad.

Car: 250 km (round trip)

Directions: Follow E6 to Finnsnes and continue over to Senja. Return the same way.

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Click HERE for Tromsø - Vikran - Tennskjer - Lysnes (Senja)
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