Kayaking in Lofoten Islands

From Tromsø to the Lofoten Islands

You can go from Tromsø to the Lofoten Islands by bus, express boat, plane or onboard Hurtigruten.

Hurtigruten (The Norwegian Coastal Voyage)

The Hurtigruten departs Tromsø at 01:30 (1.30am). This is a really nice way to travel to the Lofoten Islands. The journey takes 17 hours and you arrive in Svolvær at 18:30 (6.30pm) on the same day.

The voyage between Tromsø and the Lofoten Islands includes some of the best scenery on the entire Hurtigruten voyage.

For more information about Hurtigruten, please visit www.hurtigruten.no


Express boat and bus

It is possible to take an early morning express boat at 07:00 (7am) from Tromsø to Harstad on week days. This takes approximately three hours. There is normally a connecting bus to the Lofoten Islands.

For timetables for the express boat and bus, please visit www.tromskortet.no 



There is an early bus from Tromso at 06:10 (6.10am) on week days to a small town called Bjerkvik, from where there is a connecting bus to Svolvær in Lofoten (Lofoten-ekspressen). This bus departs at 10:15 (10.15am) and arrives in Svolvær at 13:50 (1.50pm).

On Saturday and Sunday, a bus departs from Tromsø at 10:30 (10:30am) and arrives in Bjerkvik at 14:05 (2.05pm). This corresponds with a departure from Bjerkvik at 16:10 (4.10 pm), which arrives in Svolvær at 20:05 (8:05pm).

For more information about buses, please visit www.tromskortet.no

For more information about buses in Lofoten/ Nordland County, please visit www.177nordland.no



There are some daily flights from Tromsø to Svolvær via Bodø/Stockmarknes.

For more information, please visit www.wideroe.no