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People visiting a home
Fjord with silent ocean, snowy mountains and in the background light from the sun below the horizon
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Ersfjordbotn with homevisits

Tromsø Lokal

This Tour is conducted by Tromsø Lokal. We have opened homes in our fjord for you to come visit. To learn, to participate and to share. We are locals inviting you to visit our fjord and our lives.
We will start our walk from the pier in Ersfjordbotn. From here we will walk, or if the weather permits, use kick sledges. As we move around the fjord, we will talk about how it is living in the Arctic, the history of the place and the people that live in the area today. We will stop by the locals for a visit. In one of the homes we will serve homemade snacks and warm drinks. We might even see the light on a clear day.
We will then walk back to the pier, have a hot meal ( homemade Soul) at the pier by Bryggejentene . Afterwards we drive back to Radisson Blu Hotel, where we will return at 8.30pm (20:30).

Included: guide, transportation, thermal suits, kick sledges, tripods, homemade snacks and soup from our local coffeehouse "Bryggejentene", poles and spikes
Please bring: hats and mittens, scarf, winter jacket and pants, shoes above ankles. We recommend wool for base layer
Duration: 4 hours
Number of participants: 2-8
Level of difficulty: easy
Departure time and place: 5pm (17:00) in front/outside of Radisson Blu Hotel

Contact info: Tromsø Lokal: +4790950571/[email protected]
Phone: +4790950571