Ghost Hunting in a NATO Bunker

A Unique experience to join a group of professional paranormal investigators from the UK in a Haunted NATO and Second World War Bunkers in rural Lyngen. You will get to explore the underground and tunnels which were originally abandoned by the Nazis and then used by the Norwegian Government during the Cold War.  A number of people have stated that the bunkers are "haunted" with a number of strange experiences being reported. A local ex-military man actually refuses to enter these bunkers on his own and nor will his dog!  This really is a unique and exclusive experience - so join us if you dare!

You will join experienced guides who have worked in partnership with Ghosthunting Cornwall & Haunting Experiences from the UK and the world renowned, Paranormal Research Organisation.


We can arrange transfers from Lyngen and the evening will start at 19.30 at Aurora Spirit Distillery.



This is a dark location and has no mod cons, however this is part of the charm. Please be advised that it is not suitable for people with a nervous disposition or young children.


The buildings are historic so are uneven so good footwear is essential

We will provide:

Experienced Paranormal Research Guides

Warm Drinks


Please bring a torch, pen and paper and warm clothing.