Glacier hike in Lyngen Alps
Glacier hike in Lyngen Alps

Glacier hike in Lyngen Alps

Aurora Alps

No visit to the Lyngen area would be complete without experiencing at least one of the many glaciers up close and personal.
It is here you can comprehend the true scale and wonder of nature’s ability to create and destroy whole landscapes. We go 400-500 metres out on the glaciers in a safe area. A great walk from fjord to mountain and glacier. It is planned to spend the whole day on this trip, so bring plenty of food and drink.

We follow a good trail with ridges, rocks and terraced terrain. Use of mountain boots that provide good support is recommended. In the steepest parties we take plenty of breaks, but are reluctant to run smoothly so that we return to the starting point within a reasonable time. Someone gets sweaty and then it's good to have a change of clothes on the trip or it might get a bit cold.

Included: Guide, transfer (90 min each way) and crampons, harness and rope
Please bring: good walking shoes, suitable clothing, backpack with your own food and drink
Departure time and place: 08:30am (08:30) at Scandic Ishavshotel
Duration: 10,5 hours
Number of participants: 4-8
Level of difficulty: Medium
Phone: +47917 35 497