Guided cultural walk on Tranøya Island

Tranøy Gård

Tranøya is a small island on the southern coast of Senja. The island has no vehicle traffic. In fact, the only motorised vehicle on the entire island is the tractor on the farm. This is the place to enjoy peace and quiet.
This island boasts beautiful nature and a rich animal life. You can go hiking on well-trodden paths or in the countryside. You may encounter a flock of Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace. This heritage sheep breed grazes outside in the cultural landscape year-round.

Book a guide for a historical cultural walk:
Tranøya has been inhabited for 2,000 years. Our experienced guide will guide you through the rich and fascinating history of people who have been on the island before us.

The cultural walk gives you an insight into life on the island from the Viking Age and right up to the present time. The route covers the farm and the church, as well as old boathouse sites and Viking Age burial sites.

Price: NOK 150 per person
1 hour guided walk
For groups of up to 10 people
Address: Tranøya, 9304 Vangsvik