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Hunting the Northern Lights

Arctic Adventure Tours

Tromsø is one of the world’s best destinations to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Our season runs from September until March. Early in the season you can enjoy burning sunsets and the dancing aurora. As the nights become darker from November until March, the aurora can appear stronger due to the clear, cold and dark sky.
We offer small-group tours, in a comfortable minibus, with both an experienced driver and a dedicated Northern Lights guide. Every night is carefully planned out by the guide, with consideration given to both the weather conditions and the auroral activity. Hunting the Northern Lights is an exciting experience, where you need to be both: patient and alert, because when the elusive lights appear you need to be ready to capture them on your camera.

Your guide will share their knowledge about the Aurora with you, assist you with your camera settings and even take their own photos of you during the tour, which will later be sent to you by email. For your safety and comfort we provide all of the necessary equipment to keep you warm and cosy; a hot meal, snacks and hot drinks are also included.

Of course, seeing the Northern Lights can never be guaranteed as nature is wild and free, but our aim is to show you the aurora, give you an amazing experience and a night in the Arctic to remember.

Included: guide and driver, thermal suit, hat, winter boots and mittens, hot meal, hot drinks, biscuits, tripod, photos from the tour sent by email, return to your accommodation in Tromsø (within city limits – Tromsøya Island)
Please bring: warm clothing, hat and camera
Number of participants: 2-15
Level of difficulty: easy
Duration: 6-8 hours
Departure time and place: 5:30pm (17:30) from Arctic Adventure Center – Storgata 78. Please meet up at 5:20pm (17:20)

When can I book it?

30 sep 2020
Hunting the Northern Lights 30 September 2020 - 17:30
01 oct 2020
Hunting the Northern Lights 01 October 2020 - 17:30
02 oct 2020
Hunting the Northern Lights 02 October 2020 - 17:30

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Address: Storgata 78, 9008 Tromsø