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Kala Restaurant

We use local fresh produce, traditional techniques, and blend it with our dedication and desire of creating innovative Asian dishes with Northern touch.
By using our experience with Asian food culture and techniques, we wish to open up new taste palettes and cultural exchange.

Stylish, yet informal, we want our guest to feel like home and experience our heritage way of sharing good things. There will be no distinguish between starters or main dishes, as we want our guests to rather order several tasting dishes and share the delightful meal together.

We also serve the most northern based handmade Ramen in the world, it is the first and only kind in Tromsø. By serving handmade Ramen with local fresh seafood, we are a perfect place for light dinner meals, and sake bar in the evening.

We also offer take away and delivery. For bigger parties we can arrange catering on site.

Address: Grønnegata 38, Karl Johan kvartalet, 9008 Tromsø